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Philipa Friedman

Philipa Friedman
Philipa Friedman

Job Market Candidate

AOS: Social and Political Philosophy, Epistemology; AOC: Ethics, Critical Theory, Democratic Theory, Feminist Philosophy, Modern Japanese Philosophy.

About Philipa Friedman

Philipa (she/her/hers) works in social and political philosophy, specializing in political epistemology. Her research focuses on epistemic relationships between publics and political institutions and asks questions about what counts as political knowledge, how publics express political knowledge, and what barriers exist to the expression of political knowledge under our present modes of social organization. Her research draws from democratic theory, critical theory, social, feminist, and anti-racist epistemology, and political science.

Philipa also works in feminist philosophy and modern Japanese philosophy, particularly second-generation Kyoto School and Kyoto School-adjacent thinkers.