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Department of Philosophy

Full-Time Faculty

Naomi Fisher, PhD

Title/s:  Assistant Professor

Office #:  Crown Center 335

Phone: 773.508.2735

Email: nfisher1@luc.edu

CV Link: Naomi Fisher CV

External Webpage: https://naomifisher.weebly.com/


Naomi Fisher is Assistant Professor of Philosophy. She earned her Ph.D in philosophy from the University of Notre Dame in 2016, and prior to that earned her M.S. in physics from UC Davis.

Her research focuses on Kant and German Idealism and Romanticism, specifically the relationship between nature, freedom, and rationality in Kant and Schelling. Currently, she is working on projects related to the impact of Plato and Neoplatonism on Schelling’s philosophy. She also has interests in the broader history of philosophy, philosophy of science, and philosophy of religion.


PhD, University of Notre Dame 
MA, University of Notre Dame
MS, University of California - Davis
BS, Biola University 

Research Interests

Kant and German Idealism 

Selected Publications

“Life, Lawfulness, and Contingency: Kant and Schelling on Organic Nature” in Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie (2021)

“Kant and Schelling on Blumenbach’s Formative Drive” in Intellectual History Review 31:3, 391–409 (2021).

“Unity in Schelling’s World Soul” in The Review of Metaphysics 74:4, pp. 527–552 (2021).

“Kant’s Organic Religion: God, Teleology, and Progress in the Third Critique” in Kant and the Possibility of Progress, ed. S. Stoner and P. Wilford, University of Pennsylvania Press (2021).

“Freedom as Productivity in Schelling’s Philosophy of Nature” in Schelling's Philosophy: Freedom, Nature and Systematicity, ed. G. Anthony Bruno. Oxford University Press (2020).

“Organisms and the Form of Freedom in Kant’s Third Critique” in European Journal of Philosophy 27, pp. 55–74 (2019).

“The Epistemology of Schelling’s Philosophy of Nature” in History of Philosophy Quarterly 34:3 pp. 271–290 (2017).

“Kant On Animal Minds” in Ergo 4:15, pp. 441–462 (2017).