Loyola University Chicago

Department of Philosophy


Announcing the 2020 John F. Grant, MD Award Winners

Congratulations to Barni Nuur and Oliwia Ozog our 2020 John F. Grant Award winners. Here is a few words from them regarding their interest in health care ethics.

Nuur: My name is Barni, and I'm a third year here at Loyola. I'm majoring in philosophy and political science, on the pre-law track. On campus I'm involved with SDMA and Minorities & Philosophy, and I work in the philosophy department front desk as well.

My writing sample for this award was focused on epistemic ignorance (specifically hermeneutical and testimonial injustice) that exists within individual interactions between medical professionals and patients of color. Rather than focusing on institutionalized discrimination, I believe the subtle forms that show up in these interactions present harmful repercussions that are overlooked, so I wanted to tackle the epistemic causes and potential solutions to this issue.

Ozog: I am a senior biochemistry major with a bioethics minor. I hope to pursue a career in medicine and chemistry research that encompasses bioethics. My interest in neuroethical topics stems from Dr. Vukov’s neuroethics course. Since taking the course, I have become very interested in the emerging field of neuroethics and the medical and ethical issues tied to it.