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Minutes for the Kissimmee meeting of the Committee on International Education

Minutes for the Kissimmee meeting of the
Committee on International Education
Members Present: Drenchko (Chair), Chesick, Chow, Finn, Haff, Manos, Park
Guests Present: Adair, Aubrecht, Brennan, Fitzgibbons, Gangopadhyaya, C. & H.
Gottlieb, Jossem, Preece, Ramsey (past chair), Snyder, Warren
The meeting was called to order at 8 p.m. on Sunday, January 16, 2000.

Members and friends present introduced themselves. New members of the committee
and the oncoming chair, Ed Finn, were introduced by Joe Drenchko.

The minutes of the summer meeting at San Antonio were unanimously approved
with noted corrections. (Moved: Haff, second: Chow).

Programs I committee meeting announcements were made:
(1) The next four AAPT meetings were announced (see New Business).
(2) The Executive Committee is still concerned about costs in choosing
future locations. The total duration will remain at five days. T. Haff
remarked that the schedule of weekend workshops and early week sessions
works well for high school teachers. AAPT is also trying to increase interaction
among other science groups by holding joint meetings, such
as the upcoming San Diego meeting (2001) with the Astronomical Society.
(3) A regional NSTA meeting will be held in Baltimore (17-18 Nov 2000) in
Baltimore, for which AAPT has an invitation to host workshops. At the
Meeting, a Physics/Chemistry/Biology Day will be co-sponsored jointly by AAPT
and NSTA. For information, send an e-mail to Larry Kirkpatrick at:
(4) AAPT has set up a discussion bulletin board on the Web at URL:
http://www.aapt.org/discuss. Each committee has been set up as a separate topic
on the board. This will provide a forum for discussion of topics of
interest and conference announcements for our committee.
Announcement of Kissimmee Sessions:
Sponsored session EC: The Committee is sponsoring a session on "International
Education: The Danish Experience Plus." (Invited/Contributed)
A contingent of delegates from Denmark will contribute to the session.
There are two other international teaching related papers in session AI: AI8
(Betty Preece, on Japan) and AI9 (Katya Denissova, on Russia.

Upcoming international conferences:
(1) The VII IACPE meeting will be held in Porto Alegre Brazil (Gramado State)
from July 3 - 7, 2000. The main theme is "The Preparation of Physics Majors and
Physics Teachers in Contemporary Society.
Email for the conference is: IACPE7@IF.UFRGS.BR
Information: http://cabbat1.cnea.gov.ar/iacpe/iacpei.htm
NOTE: J. Fitzgibbons and B. Khoury are preparing an NSF proposal for travel
support. Any assistance or suggestions would be welcome.

(2) The GIREP Conference: �Physics Teacher Education beyond 2000�, will be held
in Barcelona, Spain from 27 August-1 September, 2000
Email for the conference is: Miguel.Munoz@uab.es
Information can be obtained at: http://www.blues.uab.es/phyteb/
or on the GIREP website: http://pef.pef.uni-lj.si/~girep/

(3) The following GIREP conference will be in Lund, Sweden in 2002.
"Web Page project -
Our previous Web master, C. Moore, left Nebraska and cannot be located by e-
mail. G. Ramsey has volunteered for committee Webmaster duties and to physically
house and maintain the site at Loyola University. It was decided that this would
be preferable to maintaining the committee site remotely at AAPT and
establishing guidelines for maintaining the site. This topic would have had to
be considered by the Executive Committee.

The new site URL is: http://www.luc.edu/depts/physics/cie/index.html
Items now posted on our committee site include: the committee mission statement,
AAPT international mission statement, member list, international conference
list, all 1999 committee meeting minutes, workshop guidelines and Fuller Fund
information. There are also links to the AAPT home page. It was suggested that
minutes from other past years be included as a history of the committee.

Anyone with other ideas for the site or its administration should contact G.
Ramsey at: gpr@hep.anl.gov
Potential plenary speakers for AAPT meetings:
The following names have been submitted to the executive board for future
consideration. (thanks to: M. Alonso, J. Fitzgibbons, H. Manos and A. Menard).
George Marx - Eotvos University, Hungary
Archie Fox - Scotland
Brian Woolnaugh - Oxford Science Teaching Center
Sven Sjoberg - University of Oslo
Eduardo Posada - International Center for Theoretical Physics, Bogota
Walter Stuhrner - Max Planck Institute (Experimental Medicine)
Lenart Samulson - Sweden
Sandor Szalay - Eotvos University, Hungary (Astrophysics-large scale
structure of the universe); also visits Johns Hopkins U.
If any of these scientists visit the US, the nominators should contact them
for possible participation at the AAPT meeting as a plenary speaker. This can
be forwarded to the Programs Committee for consideration.

1. G. Ramsey announces that the APS March and April meetings will include
international sessions, mostly regarding international cooperation in physics.

2. Future meetings:

a. Summer- July 29-August 2, 2000: University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
Abstract deadline: April 7, 2000.
b. Winter- January 6-11, 2001: San Diego, CA (with Astronomical Society)
There will likely be a large poster session, which will give our international
colleagues an opportunity to participate in this meeting. Deadlines are as
follows: sessions/workshops, May 1; invited speakers, Aug 20; Announcer Sept. 1.
c. Summer- July 21-25, 2001: Hyatt/Rochester Institute of Technology,
Rochester, NY
d. Winter- January 19-23, 2002: Marriott, Philadelphia, PA

E-mail contacts:
G. Ramsey announced that many e-mail transmissions have been returned due
to changed e-mail addresses. He requests that any member or friend interested
in maintaining contact with the Committee should send him any changes in
your e-mail ASAP. This will guarantee that you will receive information
regarding Committee business and information on international conferences
in a timely manner. He also requested that anyone receiving information on
international conferences pass it along by e-mail, including the following:
title, date, place, point of contact (e-mail and websites are particularly
useful). If this is done in a timely manner, we can get it published in the
AAPT Announcer (which usually requires a minimum two month lead-time).
Nominations for new members of the committee:
Each year the AAPT Nominating committee solicits names of 3 candidates for
serving on each committee. Two are the Nominating Committee's recommendations,
while the third is the recommended name for the AAPT President, who finalizes
the committee constituency. The CIE chair maintains the nomination list for our
committee and has forms for submission to the Nomination Committee. Anyone
wishing to nominate AAPT members for committee membership may contact the chair
at: ejfinn@guvax.georgetown.edu or the past chair: drenchko@suhep.phy.syr.edu
Celia Chow announced a program that provides Chinese physicists with government
funding to collaborate with US physicists. For information contact her at:
T. Haff remarked that he had hosted numerous students from around the world and
that it was a mutually beneficial experience.
The new chair and committee members were announced: E. Finn (new Chair), J.
Fitzgibbons, H. Manos and J. Park. Outgoing members were thanked for their
service: S. George, T. Haff and P. Papacosta. Congratulations to all.
The meeting was adjourned (Motion: Fitzgibbons, Second: Chow) at 9:15 p.m.
Submitted by G. Ramsey