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Minutes for the San Diego meeting of the Committee on International Education


Minutes for the San Diego meeting of the

Committee on International Education


Members Present: Finn (Chair), Chesick, Chow, Drenchko, Fitzgibbons, H. Gottlieb, Manos, Park

Guests Present: Adair, Aubrecht, Cicek, Duran, C.Gottlieb, Haff, Howes, Hubisz, Jossem, Ogretme, Ramsey, Stein


The meeting was called to order at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 9, 2001.

Members and friends present introduced themselves. Ed Finn introduced new members of the committee (Joe Drenchko, Herb Gottlieb and Patsy Ann Johnson) and the oncoming chair, Elizabeth Chesick. Representatives from Korea and Turkey were also welcomed.

The minutes of the summer meeting at the University of Guelph were unanimously approved. (Moved: Fitzgibbons, second: Chow). These will be posted on the committee website: http://www.luc.edu/depts/physics/cie/index.html


Programs I committee meeting announcements were made:

(1) The next three AAPT meetings were announced (see New Business). Since the summer meeting will be held in the Hyatt, bussing will be provided to the workshops held at the Rochester Institute of Technology. J. Fitzgibbons requested that the CIE committee meeting not be scheduled in conflict with the Section Representatives meeting.

(2) The attendance at this meeting was over 3000, including over 1100 from AAPT and the remainder from AAS. Committees are invited to comment on the content or any other aspects of the meeting.

(3) The regional NSTA meeting in Baltimore (17-18 Nov 2000) was successful in

introducing AAPT to other science teachers. Twenty-three new members were recruited at this meeting. It is likely that future involvement of this type will be planned. (J. Hubisz)

(4) Members should remember that May 1 and Oct. 15 are the annual deadlines for submitting committee sponsored sessions and workshops for the following winter and summer meetings respectively.

(5) The Programs Committee is always in need of potential plenary speakers. The talks should be physics content oriented.

Announcement of San Diego Sessions:

Sponsored session CG: "In the Tracks of Tycho: Astronomy Education in Danish Secondary Schools" (Invited) was held this morning.

Sponsored session GE: "Physics Teaching Around the World: Personal Perspectives" (Invited) will be held on Thursday morning at 10:30.

The Chair reminded those present to send information on announcements for international conferences to G. Ramsey, who will post it on the committee website and sent it to AAPT for publishing in the Announcer. This provides maximum exposure for informing the AAPT membership about these opportunities. The

Following information should be included: title, date, place, point of contact (e-mail and websites are particularly useful). If this is done in a timely manner, we can get it published in the AAPT Announcer (which usually requires a minimum two-month lead-time).



Upcoming international conferences: see the Announcer, p.20 or the CIE website.

(1) IOSTE (Science and Technology Education) conference in Paralimni, Cyprus, 29 April � 2 May, 2001. Information can be obtained at the website: http://www.ucy.ac.cy/~ioste

(2) The GASAT (Gender in Science and Technology) conference will be held at Copenhagen, Denmark from 1-6 July, 2001. For more see:


(3) The GIREP conference will be in Lund, Sweden in July, 2002.

Information can be obtained at: http://pef.pef.uni-lj.si/~girep/

(4) The International Conference on Physics Education in Cultural Contexts (ICPEC) will be held in Cheongwon, Chungbuk, Korea (South) from 13-17 August, 2001. For more information, see http://culphy.taegu-e.ac.kr or contact: jwsong@biho.taegu.ac.kr


Fred Stein from APS announced a potential joint workshop with the Cuban Physical Society. Details are in the New Business.


AAPT has set up a discussion bulletin board on the Web at URL:


Each committee has been set up as a separate topic on the board. This will provide a forum for discussion of topics of interest and conference announcements pertinent to our committee. This is an additional Web resource for committees and does not replace official committee websites, designed for committee information.

Items now posted on our committee site include: the committee mission statement, AAPT international mission statement, member list, upcoming international conference list, committee meeting minutes from 1996 to the present, workshop guidelines and Fuller Fund information. There are also links to the AAPT home page. Anyone with suggestions for the site or its administration should contact G. Ramsey at: gpr@hep.anl.gov


A brief discussion was held as to whether we should continue to call our winter-sponsored sessions, "Personal Perspectives". This may seem too remote from teaching content. Since no consensus was reached, it was decided to contact the incoming Chair for submission of ideas to replace this title: echesick@aol.com


The present Chair encouraged the members to nominate suitable candidates for the Fuller Fund and reminded the members that the forms are available on the AAPT and committee websites. The CIE website has information and a list of eligible countries.



Future meetings:

a. Summer- July 21-25, 2001: Hyatt/Rochester Institute of Technology,

Rochester, NY

b. Winter- January 19-23, 2002: Marriott, Philadelphia, PA

c. Summer- Boise State University (Dates to be announced)


Project with the Cuban Physical Society (CPS): Fred Stein (APS) and Harry Manos (AAPT) are trying to coordinate a set of K-12 teacher training workshops with Eduardo Molto (CPS), to be held on or about 7-13 April, 2002 in Santiago, de Cuba. Details and agreements are to be arranged. A comment was made to encourage the planners to ensure that the workshops benefit participants of both countries.


Celia Chow suggested that the committee draft a statement on how were supporting the AAPT Vision Statement (Announcer, p.8). G. Ramsey reminded the committee that the CIE mission statement (on the website) contains our objectives, which do support each of the major elements of the AAPT statement. E. Finn asked Celia Chow and Gordon Ramsey to draft a paper explicitly stating these connections, to be presented at the Rochester AAPT Meeting.


Tom Haff distributed information on the ABODE student "host" program in the Seattle area. Students from around the world get to live with a family in Seattle to work or attend school. It has been a mutually beneficial experience for all parties involved. Information will be posted on our website. For more information, see: http://www.abodehomestay.com


Len Jossem reported that the GIREP Conference in Barcelona, Spain on physics teacher preparation was a success.


It was announced that the AAPT was considering an Ambassador Program, whereby attendees to international teaching conferences would be designated as "AAPT Ambassadors" or official representatives to that conference. This would help to show that AAPT is an active participant in world physics education.


The meeting was adjourned (Motion: Fitzgibbons, Second: Chow) at 9:30 p.m.


Submitted by G. Ramsey