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Minutes of the CIE Albuquerque meeting

Minutes for the Albuquerque meeting of the Committee on International Education
Members Present: J. Fitzgibbons (Chair), G. Aubrecht, J. Drenchko, D. Franklin, S. George, H. Manos, G. Ramsey, H. Sadaghiani
Guests Present: L. Jossem, M. Manivannan, R. Pam, B. Preece, C. Robertson, F. Tam, J. Tobochnik, G. Williams, D. Zollman
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 11, 2005.
Members and friends present introduced themselves. The minutes of the summer meeting at Sacramento were unanimously approved. (Moved: Manos, second: Ramsey).

A. The Chair briefed the committee about sponsored sessions at this meeting.
Session CN: Physics Teaching Around the World: Denmark, Vietnam & China
Session CF: (With the National Society of Hispanic Physicists): Physics education in the southwest and south of the border

B. Sessions for Salt Lake (Summer 2005)
1. Physics Teaching Around the World
2. Workshop/Tutorial: T03 – Conservation Laws, Symmetries & Reaction Diagrams

C. Sessions for Anchorage and Syracuse (2006)
1. Physics Teaching Around the World
2. Others were solicited – Canada invited sessions (D. Franklin)

D. G. Ramsey noted a change in the committee website URL:

E. F. Tam called for nominations for committee membership from the AAPT nominating committee. M. Manivannan (Sri Lanka), L. Chesick & B. Preece.

A. Proposed changes in the meeting format: AAPT Board
Ideas floated: One meeting per year, regional meetings replacing one national, extra day in the summer meeting, formats, expanding poster sessions; they are soliciting ideas via the Web and the Announcer. Exhibitor concerns were also discussed.

B. Future international meetings announced:
1. IACPE, "World View on Physics Education in 2005: Focusing on change", Delhi, India 21-26 August 2005. Four to five people are needed four days in advance to give a workshop about new lab techniques with local expenses paid. Anyone interested in participating should contact Simon George or Joe Redish. The IACPE 2006 meeting is scheduled to be in Japan (Tae Ryu from Sophia University in Tokyo).

2. 7th International Conference on Computer Based Learning, Zilina, Slovakia: 2-7 July 2005. For information, see http://www.utc.sk/cblis/

3. IACPE, UNESCO – many themes including "Physics and Education", Durban, South Africa (Priscilla Laws) October 31-November 2, 2005 – focus on low cost labs and education in rural areas. Contact P. Laws with suggestions for organizers and presenters.

4. LMFK, Akureiri, Iceland, 26-30 June 2005, "Man, Environment and Energy" – H. Kastrup and J. Mallow are hosting a delegation from AAPT in Copenhagen (about June 20th) prior to the meeting. The delegation will visit Danish schools and engage in numerous physics related activities. Details were given by H. Kastrup and J. Mallow. Anyone interested in participating should contact Helge Kastrup or Jeffry Mallow before the end of January. Motion that the committee endorses the proposal for the participants to act as an AAPT delegation. (Motion: Manos, Second: Sadaghiani). Passed unanimously.

5. IACPE conference in Costa Rica, 2006. No definite plans are known.

6. GIREP conference in Amsterdam, July, 2006.

7. International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists, Seoul, Korea, August, 2005. For information see http://www.ICWES13.org

C. Pakistani proposal (H. Manos): "Science Faculty Training and Development of Prototype Teaching Laboratories Program" and "The Need for a Revolutionary New Approach to Science in Pakistani Schools".

Proposal to AAPT to gather participants to train teachers in a 12-14 week workshop.
It was suggested that interested teachers should possibly meet in a neutral country.
P. Hoodbhoy of Pakistan can take the initiative. Too costly, but a week workshop for either establishing preparing for the Web training or for giving a final exam and certification at the end may be a possibility. Follow up by suggesting the possibility of on-line teacher training certified programs such as the University of Massachusetts or University of Maryland. H. Manos contacted P. Hoodbhoy to offer suggestions for proceeding and to find out his needs. Pakistani groups in the US may be of financial assistance. The APS may be able to identify Pakistani physicists in the US that would help.

D. Articles for Announcer by authors from outside the US. (B. Khoury). Add international element to the Announcer to cover physics educational systems in other countries. The length would be approximately1500 word mini-articles. Committee (J. Fitzgibbons and D. Franklin volunteered) could be the clearing house for inviting international authors to write articles. The IOP (Institute of Physics, Great Britain) has articles in physics education – get permission to reprint (L. Jossem).

E. Fuller Fund (Chuck Robertson): Soliciting names for Fuller fund - C. Robertson notified the committee as to the awardees. We have a list from 1999-present. This will be posted in the committee website.

F. M. Manivannan (Sri Lanka) submitted a proposal to assist victims of the tsunami in reconstructing educational facilities, publishing physics articles on tsunami related dangers and creating a relief fund to education and outreach activities for those areas affected by the tsunami. Any ideas for assistance can be sent to Mani at kam319f@smsu.edu
Request the Board consider ideas for assistance in educational outreach for these victims.
The Chair will send a letter to the Board to consider this after Mani lists specific items to consider. Endorse request for the Board to consider ways to assist tsunami victims. Motion: Manos, Second: Ramsey – passed unanimously.

G. International contests for students – D. Franklin
1. Perimeter Institute, Waterloo Canada: Canadian HS program: 1st International summer school for sharing international students – selected five US HS students. Highlights and pictures can be found at http://www.youngphysicists.ca
2. IYPT (International Young Physicists Team) Olympiad, went to Brisbane, Australia. Highlights can be found at http://IYPT.org
3. IYPT (International Young Physicists Team) Olympiad Scheduled for Switzerland 2005; at http://IYPT.org. See also http://www.wyp2005.ch, Bratislava, Slovakia 2006

H. NEW Initiatives: oncoming Chair, G. Ramsey
The AAPT has list-serves available for committee use. He will check into procuring one for the International committee. We need to update the "friends of the committee" e-mail database and start a listing of potential committee members & Fuller fund nominees. The new chair will coordinate efforts with the AAPT staff to send welcome e-mail messages to international attendees of AAPT meetings.

Notes for information:
Information on international conferences and Fuller Fund nominations should be sent to G. Ramsey at gpr@hep.anl.gov. Information can be found at the committee website at: http://www.cs.luc.edu/luc/physics/aapt. The page is also accessible from the AAPT home page: http://www.aapt.org/.

Future AAPT meetings:
1. Summer - August 6-10, 2005: University of Utah, Salt Lake
Abstracts due: March 31st
2. Winter - January 21-25, 2006: Egan Convention Center, Anchorage, AK
Workshop requests due May 12th and abstracts due September.
3. Summer – July 22-26, 2006, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
4. Winter - January 6-11, 2007, Convention Center, Seattle, WA (with AAS)
5. Summer – July 28-August 1, 2007, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC
6. Winter – January 19-23, January 2008, Marriott Waterfront, Baltimore, MD

The meeting was adjourned (Motion: Manos, Second: Ramsey) at 8:30 p.m.
Submitted by G. Ramsey

Executive Board Recommendations:
Consider sponsoring poster sessions (or portions thereof)
Post virtual poster sessions on the Web
Co-sponsor sessions to have the ability to sponsor more (2 limit)
Send list of Invited speakers to Carol early for planning purposes
Overall limit for workshops is about 40 for 16 committees
Check sessions on http://www.aapt.org/sessionlog

Consideration for membership: J. Drenchko, Lei Bao