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Minutes of the CIE Salt Lake City Meeting

Minutes for the Committee on International Education
Meeting: Salt Lake City, August 7, 2005

1. The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, August 7, 2005.
Members and friends present introduced themselves. The minutes of the winter meeting at Albuquerque were unanimously approved as amended. (Moved: D. Franklin, second: H. Manos).
Members Present: G. Ramsey, (Chair), D. Franklin, P. Johnson, H. Manos, H. Sadaghiani
Guests Present: G. Aubrecht, C. Chow, J. Drenchko, V. Evans, J. Fitzgibbons, G. Golin, H. Gottlieb, L. Jossem, K. Manivannan, T. Mzoughi, B. Preece, C. Robertson, T. Rossing, P. Tompkins, E. van den Berg

2. Announcements:
a. Website update: URL http://physics.luc.edu/aapt
This has been updated on the AAPT website.
b. Committee sponsored sessions at SLC
Workshop/Tutorial: T03 – Conservation Laws, Symmetries & Reaction Diagrams
AC: Monday 8:00 – 10:30 Physics Teaching Around the World, OSH Auditorium
c. Future AAPT meetings
* Winter - January 21-25, 2006: Egan Convention Center, Anchorage, AK. Workshop requests due May 12th and abstracts due September. Plenary speakers include: Hans Christian von Baeyer, Nadya Mason & Paul Steinhardt
* Summer – July 22-26, 2006, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
* Winter - January 7-10, 2007, Convention Center, Seattle, WA (with AAS)
* Summer – July 28-August 1, 2007, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC
* Winter – January 19-23, January 2008, Marriott Waterfront, Baltimore, MD
Beginning in 2009, AAPT proposes to move to one general meeting per year. C. Robertson explained that they would add topical conferences (rotating topics), possible regional AAPT meetings and collaborative activities with other professional groups. AAPT members should contact Board members with feedback. The sense of the committee was negative to this proposal.
d. Upcoming international conferences-update - need input
* ICPE, "World View on Physics Education in 2005: Focusing on change", Delhi, India 21-26 August 2005.
* The ICPE 2006 meeting is scheduled to be in Japan (Tae Ryu, Sophia Univ., Tokyo).
* World Conference on Physics and Sustainable Development, Durban, South Africa, 31 October–2 November 2005. See http://www.wcpsd2005.org.za/email.asp.
* GIREP conference in Amsterdam, August 20-25, 2006, "Modelling in Physics and Physics Education". For information, see http://www.girep2006.nl
* International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists, Seoul, Korea, 26–29 August 2005. For information see http://www.ICWES13.org
e. Status on providing Web based journal articles for underdeveloped countries:
P. Laws has suggested to the Chair that AJP and TPT articles be available on the Web for those underdeveloped countries included in the Fuller Fund list. V. Evans, AAPT membership, addressed the committee, stating that AJP and TPT editors should be contacted and the Board would have to consider the issue. The cost per library in an underdeveloped country is about $30. This could be raised by member contributions. A motion was made and passed unanimously for the Board to consider a mechanism for providing Web based access to AJP and TPT articles. [Motion: Mzoughi/Manos, Second: Franklin/Mannivan]. (Note: The second name of each represents members of the committee that backed up the friends’ motions to be consistent with Robert’s Rules of Order).
f. Teacher from the Philippines is seeking equipment donations-suggestions.
Suggestions were solicited for sending donated equipment to underdeveloped countries. Drawbacks were mentioned, including: high expenses for shipping heavy equipment (especially by private companies) and that customs rates for certain countries are high and must be incurred by the receiver. A suggestion was made to include light equipment in baggage when members fly to these countries, but airlines are tightening weight restrictions to make this almost impossible. U.S. mail is probably the most feasible to avoid customs and large charges, but there are weight limits that prohibit all but the lightest equipment. A suggestion was made that committee funds may be used for these purposes ($200 per year).
g. IYPT update: D. Franklin
IYPT (International Young Physicists Team) Olympiad held in Switzerland 2005, (see http://IYPT.org) where they received a tie for second place. For further information, see http://www.wyp2005.ch. The next Olympiad will be in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2006.
He also gave a report on the Perimeter Institute (Canada) for teachers and students.

3. Old business:
a. Past conference reports and future planning:
* LMFK: Akureiri, Iceland, 26-30 June 2005, "Man, Environment and Energy" – H. Kastrup and J. Mallow – a report of the conference was made by the Chair.
* First Conference on Physics Education – Germany – E. van den Berg gave a report on this recent European conference.
* World Conference on Physics and Sustainable Development (P. Laws) – status on planning for the upcoming conference was given by the Chair.
b. Announcer contributions from international educators: D. Franklin and J. Fitzgibbons
Following up on a suggestion by Bernie Khouri, we will invite international authors to contribute one-page commentaries on issues of interest to AAPT members. We recommend that the Announcer solicit contributions. D. Franklin and J. Fitzgibbons will edit the articles and work with the AAPT Publications staff to get the articles published. L. Jossem suggested that the contributors limit their submissions to one page in a word processing document to ensure that it would be limited to one Announcer page.
c. International contacts update and gathering new information:
The Chair stated that the list of contacts in other countries is out of date. After discussion, it was decided that the list should be posted on the Web using names and countries only for privacy purposes. The Chair will keep e-mails on file. J. Drenchko suggested that contacts should be established during the international conferences attended by AAPT members. D. Franklin recommended that each committee member try to establish one contact per year and send the information to the Chair.
d. CIE website: information to be included- URL http://physics.luc.edu/aapt
Suggestions on other items to be included: a link to the committee listserve address. Other suggestions should be sent to the Chair.

4. New business:
a. Listserve CIE-L: feedback and potential uses
Post website information on the AAPT CIE listserve and create a link from the website to the listserve. Any time the website is updated, the Chair will send a message on the listserve to alert the members and friends. It was also agreed that when members and friends travel overseas, that they send a message on the listserve to inform other members. Then information can be exchanged with the host country on teaching matters.
b. Committee sponsored sessions and plenary speakers at future meetings – we need input for Alaska & Syracuse meetings for invited, contributed, workshops & poster sessions. They should reflect committee mission and strategy. Next year will be the AAPT 75th, Women in Physics 25th and PTRA 20th anniversaries.
* Salt Lake City – E. van den Berg mentioned that he had some communications problems getting his workshop acknowledged and sponsored by the committee, even though he submitted it on time. These problems should be abated now that the listserve is in place. Anyone submitting a session or workshop after the committee has officially met, can post a message that the session was submitted to AAPT on the Web. The committee can then decide via e-mail or phone conference whether or not to sponsor it.
* Alaska – There will be one contributed session sponsored by the committee for the Alaska meeting. It is possible that the Korean physics teachers may meet with us. It was decided that two of the contributed papers be made by the Korean contingent in this session. Any excess papers that do not fit into the session will be recommended as poster papers during one of the meeting poster sessions.
* Syracuse – G. Aubrecht stated that the Costa Rica meeting will be complete by the Syracuse meeting and that a report can be presented there. It was decided to have one contributed session and one special CIE poster session at Syracuse. The committee sponsored poster session will be concurrent with a normal poster session but given an adjacent location especially for international posters. A call for papers in both the session and poster session will be made in the Announcer.
Future sessions could be an invited session immediately followed by posters related to the invited topic. This would minimize the time constraints of an invited/contributed session.
c. Fuller Fund: update procedures and include more committee involvement (see AAPT website for present procedure). Valerie Evans from the AAPT Membership staff addressed the committee. She gave a list of eligible countries and former recipients of the Fuller Fund to the Chair. Once an eligible teacher is nominated, (this can be done on the Web) she agreed to cc the Chair on the status of each nominee at the various stages of the selection process. The Chair can also access this status anytime be sending her office and e-mail request. This way the Chair and nominators can follow up with the nominees to ensure that the process flows smoothly. This will also minimize the former problem of getting the nominees lost in the process. The Chair thanked her for her help in this process.
d. Potential committee members: add to list (so far L. Bao, J. Drenchko & P. Tompkins are on the list). All have agreed to serve. Other nominations should be sent to the Chair.
e. Executive officer ideas: characteristics of a good leader & suggestions wanted.
f. Committee phone conferences: G. Aubrecht followed up the original discussion of the possibility that AAPT may opt for one national meeting per year. The suggestion was made that the committees could conduct business by phone conference calls. The AAPT office is trying to set the capability up in the fall. He suggested that our committee try it out when available. The Chair agreed to contact AAPT and set up a committee conference call as soon as available. He will contact the members by listserve well before trying this out.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m. (Motion: Franklin, Second: Johnson).
Submitted by G. Ramsey, Chair. Thanks to Harry Manos for taking the notes for this meeting.