Loyola University Chicago

Department of Physics

Minutes From the Spokane Meeting of the Committee on International Education

From: Al Menard, 2-JAN-1996

Subject: Minutes from Spokane meeting

Present: Committee members - Menard, Drenchko, Gewanter, Lietz, Ramsey, & Fitzgibbons. Friends of the committee - Dean Zollman, Len Jossem, Robert Sears, Lila Adair, James Conrad, Paul Hickman, Ernesto Martinez (Argentina). Ed Finn, Larry Weathers, Betty Preece, V.Sankran (South Africa), Francis Tam, Herb Gottleib, Marta Wallin, Hans Dreyer (Switzerland), Gustavo Soto (Mexico), Daniel Lottis, Claire Gottlieb, Jack Brennan, Amar Kshatriya, Kumar Khuranta(India), Jeff Mallow, Yvette VanHise, T.Bar-Noy(Israel), Kristin German, Helmut Kuhnelt(Austria), Bob Hilborn, Al Gibson, Bob Fuller, Enrique Sanchez, Dick Reimann, Ulrich Harris(Germany), Sheron Snyder & Brian Davies(England).

The minutes of the Orlando meeting of January 16, 1995 were approved as corrected.

Brian Davies gave a short sketch of his evening lecture.

Betty Preece announced that she had a full session on Saturday with many contributed papers.

John Fitzgibbons reported on the upcoming GIREP meeting in Italy. The 1996 GIREP meeting is scheduled for Slovenia. According to Laszlo Baksay, who was in Germany, plans are going ahead for a Hungary-U.S.-Germany meeting aiming for an initial meeting in Hungary in summer 1997. NSF funding for the conference remains questionable.

Robert Beck Clark introduced Ernesto Martinez from Argentina who gave a report on the planning for the next Inter-American conference scheduled for Argentina in 1997. Government support for that meeting is not certain. Robert also announced that $4000 had been approved from the Bauder fund for the purpose of bringing the "Stray cats" from Japan to the meeting at College Park next summer. Dave Gewanter will be responsible for coordinating this visit. He will be assisted by Betty Preece and Larry Weathers.

Al Gibson reported that Nellie Mireles is setting up a session for Reno on the History of Physics Education in Latin America.

Albert Menard announced that Carlos Worner from Chile would put on a workshop on "Use of Humor in Physics teaching" at Reno. Ernesto Martinez will off a workshop on "Forensic Physics" at Reno. The committee approved both of these workshops.

Bob Fuller requested help identifying and nominating physics teachers in the third world for the Fuller fund. Several people pointed out that the rapidly changing situation, country names, convertibility of currencies, hazardous conflicts, confusing criteria as to what is the third world were problems. Al Gibson volunteered to work on a sub-committee to clarify the situation.

Albert Menard said that anyone with ideas for sessions for the joint AAPT-APS meeting in Indianapolis next May should contact him as soon as possible.

Betty Preece is sponsoring a session on "Physics Teaching around the world" for the College Park meeting.

John Rigden reported on the upcoming ICUPE (International Conference on Undergraduate Education) that will be held in College Park July 31-Aug 3, 1996 in College Park the week before the AAPT meeting. The emphasis will be on preparing students for the job market, physics in the service of other sciences and engineering and physics departments' responsibilities in the preparation of teachers. The conference is still looking for financial support. Suggestions for appropriate speakers for ICUPE should be sent to John Rigden or Joe Reddish. It was suggested that the CIE organize a cracker-barrel for ICUPE speakers early in the AAPT meeting before they leave.

Jeffry Mallow passed out information on the Scandinavian meeting. Abstracts are due to him by Nov.15, with a paper length of 30 minutes. The delegation should be as balanced as possible. Al Gibson will work on selection of the delegation with Jeff and with suggestions from Len Jossem.

Herb Gottlieb presented a videotape to the AAPT from India. He suggested that India would welcome an international conference. Herb will get more details and the idea will be explored further.

Betty Preece announced that the 10th Annual conference of Women Scientists and engineers will be held in Budapest in 1996.

Dick Reiman announced a conference on Physics in the system of modern education in Vladavistock in 1997.

In response to a suggestion for studying high school physics preparation around the world jointly with the high school committee, Len Jossem suggested that a UNESCO study on college entrance exams would provide much information. Another area would be an APS study on undergraduate criteria for graduate studies. Dave Gewanter will assist in setting up a session to explore this.

Albert Menard reported on a request from the Phillipines for tapes of AAPT meetings. It was concluded that this is very expensive and has little return for overseas members. Also overseas attendees suggested that computer availability and e-mail access would be very helpful at meetings. Al Menard will look in to this. He will also relay to the executive board problems of late arrival of the Announcer for overseas members.

Albert Menard Chair of Committee on International Education