Loyola University Chicago

Department of Physics


Physics Seminar Series


October 28th: Physics Seminar showcasing research by Loyola Physics majors

Time: 3:30-4:30

Location: CSB 200

Each semester we organize a seminar showcasing some of the research that Loyola physics majors take part in, either here on campus or through REU or SULI programs over the summer. We’ll start by talking briefly about some of the different types of research opportunities available for physics majors, and how to identify and apply to summer research programs. Then three physics majors will give short presentations about research projects they’ve recently worked on. At the end we will have time for questions.

Title: The Standard Model, Sterile Neutrinos, WIMPs, and Dark Matter.

Speakers: Zach Long and Kiet Nguyen

Abstract: The Standard Model in high energy physics provides an eloquent description for almost all matters and forces in our universe, but it is incomplete: its description of the 3 flavors of neutrinos is limited and it fails to unveil the mystery of the ever-elusive Dark Matter. We will explore the physics beyond the Standard Model to connect these missing links. Let us examine the hypothetical sterile neutrino and where it stands among the WIMPs as a candidate for Dark Matter.


Title: Qubit Signal Processing and the Search for Dark Matter 

Speaker: Grace Bratrud

Abstract: The axion is a theoretical particle that has become a popular cold dark matter candidate. This elusive particle can be detected through interactions with magnetic fields that produce microwave photons at a low rate. Superconducting quantum bits (qubits) can be used as single photon counters in axion searches. In order to communicate with the qubits, a series of electrical equipment is needed. These include waveform generators, digitizers, and I/Q mixers. My work focused on using these components to develop a signal processing scheme.