Loyola University Chicago

Department of Physics

Undergraduate Fellowships

Loyola University Chicago offers several research fellowships for undergraduates through the Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (LUROP) by the LUC Center for Experiential Learning. Students work with a faculty mentor to develop a research proposal and receive a stipend and funds for research supplies. Physics faculty have mentored numerous students that have been recipients of these fellowships. 

2019 Emily Hodge  Brian Cannon Carbon Structural studies of MocR DNA transcriptional regulators 
2018 Deema Martini Brian Cannon Mulcahy Dynamics and energetics of ALS-related DNA Hairpins
2018 Jerin Matthew Brian Cannon Mulcahy Interaction of damaged DNA substrates with Fpg 
2017 Marisa Mitchell Brian Cannon Mulcahy Dynamics of hairpins associated with spinocerebellar ataxia  
2017 Natalia Obrzut Brian Cannon Mulcahy Interaction of amyloid β peptides with  membranes
2016 Marisa Mitchell Brian Cannon Mulcahy Single-molecule study of DNA trinucleotide repeats 
2015 Matthew Schmidt Robert Polak Mulachy 3D demonstration projector system
2015 Akshar Kumar Robert Polak Mulcahy 3D demonstration projector system
2015 Thao Tran Brian Cannon Mulcahy, Provost Molecular crowding effects on DNA mismatches