Loyola University Chicago

Department of Physics

Meet the Team

Dr Lamya Saleh
Dr Saleh came onto the REAL Team in 2015 as a faculty mentor. She is the holder of a Ph.D. in Physics from Michigan State University. Her academic expertise informs our methods and her enthusiasm for new ideas keeps us moving forward.

Dr Veronika Walkosz
Dr Walkosz joined the REAL Team in 2015 as a faculty mentor, and has been indispensable in the progress of the project since.

Joe Kamberos
A recent recipient of a BS in Physics from Loyola and a REAL: Wind veteran, Joe has worn many hats on this research team. Joe’s passion for science is matched only by his desire to use it as a tool to better our world.

Ainsley McGrath
Ainsley, in a single word, is a generalist. Having participated in nearly every facet of engagement in Loyola’s Institute of Environmental Sustainability, his broadly informed perspective has helped to guide REAL to new levels in the last year.

Sienna Fitzpatrick
Sienna is the next in line as the IES Representative for REAL, and with the skills afforded by her field of study, she will be instrumental in shaping the future of what our research can do and communicating with the stakeholders who make it happen