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Similar Studies

Studies have been conducted around the world to analyze the potential for wind power.  Below are the links to several published studies conducted in the USA:

(1)  “Feasibility Study of Economics and Performance of Wind Turbine Generators at the Newport Indiana Chemical Depot Site”, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL):

(2)  “Harnessing Wisconsin’s energy resources:  An initial investigation into Great Lakes Wind Development”, The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin:

(3)  Great Lakes Wind Energy Center Feasibility Study Final Feasibility Report”, by juwi GmbH and its subsidiary JW Great Lakes Wind LLC, with contributions from GLWEC Project Team members:

(4)Feasibility Study -- Project Full Breeze” by the  Wind Energy Projects in Actions (WEPA) Full Breeze Project team at MIT, Cambridge, MA:

(5) “Feasibility Study of Renewable Energy Sources at the Emerson Plant in Ithaca, NY”, by Cronell Green Consulting Group,  Cornell University, Ithaca, NY:

(6) “Report on the Feasibility of a Wind Power Project on the Berlin Pass, Williams College, Williamstown, MA: