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The Project Management methodology helps to deliver successful projects from start to finish.  It sets out the entire Project Life Cycle step-by-step, so that your team can all use the same project management process for delivering projects. 

As a Project Manager, you need a Project Management Methodology to steer your projects in the right direction and keep them on track. You also need it to help you manage your projects in a structured, repeatable fashion. That way, you can apply the same approach to every project you undertake

At Loyola ITS has implemented a best practices methodology based on Project Management Institute's (PMI) “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge" (PMBOK). The methodology incorporates custom adaptations for the internal practices and types of projects most frequently delivered by ITS.  All projects managed under the Project Management Office use the project management methodology which employs a consistent lifecycle, templates, and incorporates our quality assurance process.



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The Value of Project Management

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