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Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

In compliance with the Drugfree Schools and Communities Act (DFSCA), the University has drafted this Loyola University Chicago Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy (LUC AOD Policy), which includes references to other University policies concerning alcohol and other drugs and summarizes certain legal penalties under Federal and State law for the illegal possession or distribution of drugs and alcohol. The following information is critical and should be read carefully by all members of the University community.

Drugfree Schools and Communities Act (DFSCA)

Faculty AND Staff AND Students


Anti-Nepotism Policy

The purpose of this policy is to avoid favoritism, the appearance of or potential for favoritism, and conflicts of interest and loyalty often associated with nepotism. Nepotism is inconsistent with the University’s longstanding policy of making employment decisions and other business decisions based solely on University needs and individual qualifications, skills, ability and performance

Faculty OR Staff


Comprehensive Policy and Equitable Resolution Procedures

University-wide policy governing expectations for conduct regarding discrimination, sexual misconduct, and retaliation.

Title IX, Title VII, Title VI, Americans with Disabilities Act, Rehabilitation Act, Age Discrimination Act

Students AND Faculty AND Staff


Gift Acceptance Policy

The purpose of this Gift Acceptance Policy is to provide guidelines relating to the acceptance and processing of all gifts to Loyola University Chicago. All members of the University community should be familiar with its content to ensure that all gifts to the University comply with this policy

Board of Trustees

Faculty OR Staff


Good Neighbor Policy

This policy ensures Loyola enjoys a positive, mutually supportive relationship with its neighboring local residential and business communities in Rogers Park, Edgewater, Maywood, Woodstock, and abroad. To sustain those relationships into the future, The University requires Loyola students to conduct themselves as mature and responsible neighbors when off-campus. Students who cause a disturbance in the University’s neighboring communities by irresponsible or unreasonably noisy social hosting, disruptive or unruly behavior, damage to property, or other disruptive activities are in violation of this policy.

Education/Awareness of the Policy


Hiring Outside Counsel

In order to ensure cost effective, high-quality and well-coordinated legal services, the decision to retain and to engage outside counsel or outside attorneys to represent or to provide legal services for any matters related to the University rests solely with the Office of the General Counsel. The Office of the General Counsel considers a number of factors when making a determination to engage outside counsel, including the availability and expertise of in-house legal counsel, cost, the subject matter of the representation, and conflicts.

Education/Awareness of the Policy

Faculty OR Staff


International Travel Policy

Members of the Loyola community travel internationally under various arrangements. These include: study abroad programs; faculty, staff and student immersions. Given this situation, the University has developed this policy intended to clarify expectations when traveling.

U.S. patent laws are codified in title 35 of the U.S. Code.

Students OR Faculty OR Staff


Media Relations Policy

This policy applies to all Loyola faculty, staff, and administrators interacting with news media representatives. For the purpose of this policy, “news media” refers to newspapers, magazines, newsletters, online publications, student media, and broadcast outlets such as radio, television, and podcasts. 

Faculty AND Staff AND Administrators


Naming Gift Policy

Loyola University Chicago is pleased to name physical space, institutes and programs including endowments in honor of generous donors or those who have rendered outstanding service to the University. It is the policy of Loyola University Chicago that the naming of physical space, institutes or programs must follow University naming gift guidelines.

Faculty, staff, alumni, donors

Faculty OR Staff OR Alumni OR Donors


Patent Policy

Describes conditions under which LUC owns inventions; outlines procedures for disclosing such inventions to the appropriate university official; specifies options for utilizing such inventions; and lays out a schema for the payment of net royalties to inventors.

U.S. patent laws are codified in title 35 of the U.S. Code.

Students OR Faculty OR Staff


Political Activities, Guidelines for

As a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, charitable organization, Loyola University Chicago is subject to restrictions relating to political campaigns and prohibited from engaging in any partisan political activity. These guidelines outline what is and is not permissible under the law.

Internal Revenue Service; Tax Code: Rev. Rul. 2007-41, 2007-25 I.R.B. (June 18, 2007)

Students AND Faculty AND Staff

Also applies to anyone acting on behalf of Loyola University Chicago.


Reporting Official University Information

The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) is Loyola University Chicago's official source for reporting institutional data and research activities to both external and internal units and/or agencies. A major responsibility of OIR is to collect and report data that meet the U.S. Title IV mandated requirements in a set of surveys to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) that include student enrollment, majors, degrees awarded, faculty, staff, finance, financial assistance, salary, library, graduation rates, and admissions data. Reported data must strictly comply with IPEDS data definitions and terms and submitted according to specific rules and regulated dates.


Respect the Conversation: Guidelines for Campus Dialogue

At Loyola University Chicago, we are a community that welcomes debate and differing views to advance education and understanding. We believe in conversation as a way to problem solve and work toward social justice. To advance our collective goals, we commit to Respect the Conversation. When we Respect the Conversation, we productively come together to hear each other, learn, affect change, and promote fairness.

Students AND Faculty AND Staff


Social Media Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define and promote the use of social media aligned with all Loyola University Chicago policies and with the mission and values of the University.

U.S. patent laws are codified in title 35 of the U.S. Code.

Students AND Faculty AND Staff


Speaker Policy (Political Activity)

The Speaker Policy at Loyola University Chicago addresses the university's need to ensure a balanced approach to the promotion of free expression. As an institution of higher education, Loyola seeks to foster the maximum exchange of ideas and opinions. In order to effectively do so while also ensuring safety, uninterrupted operations, and fidelity to the Catholic mission of the institution, certain guidelines apply when non-University speakers are invited to speak or present on campus.

Potential disciplinary action

Students AND Faculty AND Staff


Subpoenas, Warrants, and Other Request for Information

The Office of the General Counsel of Loyola University of Chicago frequently receives inquiries regarding the appropriate response to subpoenas, warrants, and other requests for faculty or staff employment records, student education or health records, and/or other business records. This memorandum is intended to provide general guidance for Loyola’s response to such requests.

Education/Awareness of the Policy

Faculty AND Staff AND Students


Wedding Ceremonies at Loyola Facilities

This policy defines what weddings can take place on all Loyola University property and facilities.

Students AND Faculty AND Staff