Loyola University Chicago

Department of Political Science

Recommended Undergraduate Courses

The recommended undergraduate courses from each of the contributing programs are listed below.  “Special topics” courses, for which the course topic is variable would need to be considered on a semester-by-semester basis by the GPD in coordination with participating programs. This course list is neither complete nor final (other course suggestions may emerge, and other programs may suggest courses) with the final determination taking into a course’s degree of international content with relevance for students in an interdisciplinary BA/MA in International Affairs. For the joint BA/MA-BS/MA in International Affairs, participating programs include three Schools (Communication, Education, and Social Work), seven CAS departments (Criminal Justice & Criminology, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Theology) and the Global and International Studies Program. Elective courses can therefore only be taken from these programs.

CIEP 360 An international Interdisciplinary Workshop: Culture and Identity

CJC 378 International Criminal Justice
CJC 372 Race, Ethnicity and Criminal Justice
CJC 395 Terrorism

ELPS 302 Philosophy of Education
ELPS: 465* The Psychology of Power & Authority in Cross-Cultural Leadership: Lessons From Ghana, Africa
ELPS 455* Comparative Education
ELPS 465* Leadership: Cultural Context for Informed Decision Making
ELPS 458* International Education Program in Cultural and Educational Policy Studies
ELPS 448* International Higher Education
ELPS 491* Issues in Educational Policy Studies Democracy and Education

GLST 301 Capstone in Global Studies
GLST 302 States and Firms
GLST 303 Technological Change and Society
GLST 304 Global Civil Society and Social Movements
GLST 305 Globalization and Environmental Sustainability
GLST 306 International Development
GLST 370 Internship
GLST 398 Topics in Global Studies

HIST 300C Topics in European History (post-1700)
HIST 316 History of Poland
HIST 322 Modern France: From Empire to Postcolonial Nation
HIST 324 Italy 19th & 20th Centuries
HIST 325 Modern Britain: Empire, Industry, Democracy
HIST 325A The British Empire: From Barbados to Brexit
HIST 326 Ireland: Colony to Nation State
HIST 327A The Balkans: History, Fiction, Film
HIST 329C Empire, Sex, Violence: European Colonial History
HIST 329N Modern European Nationalism: Myth and Reality
HIST 330 Europe in the Age of Catastrophe, 1900-1945
HIST 330F Fascinating Fascism:  1919 to the Present
HIST 331A Food, Hunger and Power in the Modern World
HIST 334A The Nazi Revolution
HIST 334B The Holocaust: History and Memory
HIST 336 Contemporary Europe 1945 to Present
HIST 337 Rise & Fall of Soviet Union
HIST 338A History of European Communism
HIST 338B Eastern Europe in the 20th Century
HIST 342B African History Post-1600
HIST 359C Nationalist Politics: A Global Perspective
HIST 359E Concentration Camps: A Global History
HIST 359F Genocides in the Modern World
HIST 359H Anti-Colonial Resistance in the Twentieth Century
HIST 360A Slavery and Abolition: Then & Now
HIST 362 America in the Age of Slavery and Capitalism
HIST 378 Latina/o History
HIST 384 Irish Diaspora in America
HIST 388A Vietnam War

PHIL 321 Ethics and Society
PHIL 323 Philosophy of Law
PHIL 326 Political Philosophy
PHIL 327 Topics in Political Philosophy - depending on the specific topic
PHIL 389 Contemporary Issues - depending on the specific topic
PHIL 398 Seminar in Contemporary Philosophy - depending on the specific topic

PLSC 300C Contemporary Political Issues in Comparative Politics
PLSC 300D Contemporary Political Issues in International Relations
PLSC 324 Civil-Military Relations
PLSC 337 Terrorism 339 Political Ideologies
PLSC 342 African Politics
PLSC 343 Latin American Politics
PLSC 345 South and Southeast Asian Politics
PLSC 346 East Asian Politics
PLSC 347 The European Union
PLSC 348 Russian Politics
PLSC 349 Eastern European Politics
PLSC 352 Canadian Politics
PLSC 355C Women and Politics: Cross-National Perspective
PLSC 359 Revolutions
PLSC 360 Western European Politics
PLSC 362 Politics of Developing Societies
PLSC 365 Italian Politics and Government
PLSC 366 Dictatorship
PLSC 368 Middle East Politics
PLSC 369 Religion and Politics
PLSC 374 Democracy
PLSC 375C Catholicism, Islam, and Democracy
PLSC 394 Comparative Family PLSC Policy
PLSC 316 Politics of Genocide
PLSC 317 Politics of International Health
PLSC 325 American Foreign Policy
PLSC 330 America and Modern War
PLSC 331 Military and Society in the 21st Century
PLSC 340 International Relations of Africa
PLSC 350 Politics of International Economic Relations
PLSC 351 Latin America in the International System
PLSC 353 International Law
PLSC 354 Global Environmental Politics
PLSC 356 Intervention in World Politics
PLSC 358 War, Peace, and Politics
PLSC 358D Scientific Study of War
PLSC 364 United Nations and International Organizations

SOWK 370: Oppression, Privilege, and Diversity

THEO 330 Liberation Theology
THEO 351 Topics in Hinduism
THEO 352 Topics in Buddhism
THEO 350 Topics in Islam
THEO 365 Women, Gender and Embodiment in Islam
THEO 364 Islamic Mysticism
THEO 366 Contemporary Islamic Thought and Movements

* Note: All rising juniors and seniors are eligible to take 400 level courses in the School of Education.

Language Research Tool:  Finally, although there is not a language requirement, students interested in honing their foreign language skills through a language research tool will have the option of taking a 200-levelguage course, and having that course count as one of the six elective courses.  Current language possibilitiesffered at Loyola at the 200 level include: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.