Loyola University Chicago

Department of Political Science

BA/MA Degree

The BA/MA program provides undergraduate Political Science majors with the opportunity to earn both a BA and an MA degree in five years of study, which is approximately one year less than it would normally take to earn these two degrees. Graduates of this program would be well-prepared to pursue employment of further professional development in graduate or professional schools.

Who may apply to this program?

Junior political science majors with an overall GPA of at least 3.60. Students must apply by the end of their junior year, since they will have to take one graduate course in each semester of their senior year.

How does this program work?

Students admitted to the program may apply up to 9 semester hours of credit earned toward the 120 semester hours needed for the BA toward the 30 semester hour requirement for the MA degree. The nine hours must include at least 6 hours of 400- or 500-level credit and may include up to 3 hours of 300-level credit. The nine hours of credit applied toward the MA degree are in addition to the 33 semester hours of credit normally required for the undergraduate political science major. The application of the nine hours of credit toward the 30 hour MA requirement means that students will only be required to take 21 additional semester hours of coursework beyond the 120 hours required for the BA degree. As a result, students will be able to complete the MA degree in less time than normal.

How do you apply?

Junior political science majors meeting the minimum GPA requirements are eligible to apply for admission. You must follow the normal admission procedures for application to the MA program, except that the requirement to submit GRE scores does not apply. You must submit a completed application, which includes a personal statement of goals and reasons for pursuing the MA degree, along with three letters of recommendation; your Loyola transcript will be supplied by the department. There is no application fee.

What about tuition costs?

Until you have satisfied all of the requirements for the BA degree, you are classified as an undergraduate and pay undergraduate tuition and fees. After you have satisfied all of the requirements for the BA degree, you are classified as a graduate student and pay graduate tuition and fees. You should note that full time graduate study normally involves taking three courses (nine semester hours), which means that your tuition will be significantly lower in your fifth year of study, based upon the current fee schedule.

Where can you find out more about the BA/MA Program?

For further information, please contact Professor Peter M. Sanchez, Graduate Program Director. E-mail: psanche@luc.edu. Office phone: 773.508.8658.