Loyola University Chicago

Department of Political Science

Graduate Seminars

PLSC 439: International Security
Professor Henripin
Thur  7:00 / LSC


PLSC 475: Techniques of Political Analysis I
Professor Doherty
Mon 7:00 / LSC




PLSC 523: The Politics of Income Distribution
Professor Mahler
Wed 7:00 / LSC

The intention of this course is to explore the domestic and international sources of cross-national variation in income inequality, poverty and government redistribution, with special reference to the role of the public sector.  The course will begin with an overview of the global income distribution, focusing on inequality both across and within countries.  We will then explore the major economic, political and social explanations that have been offered for the considerable variation in inequality and government efforts to address it across the world’s countries.  Students will become familiar with the major sources of cross-national data on the distribution of income and wealth, as well as broader measures of well-being, social protection and political participation. 


PLSC 546: Politics Philosophy
Professor Mayer
Tue  7:00 / LSC

When is it permissible for one state to attack another? What limits should combatants observe once hostilities have commenced? Is it ever permissible to slaughter civilians? Should the rules of war be different for the weaker opponent? These are some of the central questions addressed by just war theory, an ethical doctrine that evaluates the use of armed force. In this course we will examine the evolution of just war principles from ancient times to the present day. In the final weeks of the semester students will apply a modern version of just war theory to a relevant case of inter-state warfare