Loyola University Chicago

Department of Political Science

MA in Political Theory

Degree Requirements

  1. Thirty semester hours of course work (10 courses). With the approval of the Graduate Program Director, up to six hours of graduate work (2 courses) may be in related disciplines.
  2. Required Coursework:
    • PLSC 401: Research Design (taken in the first semester)
    • PLSC 475: Political Analysis I (taken in the first semester)
    • PLSC 476: Political Analysis II (taken in the second semester)
    • A minimum of 15 hours (5 courses) in Political Theory
    • Six hours (2 courses) of elective credit
  3. Thesis Option: Students may satisfy six hours (2 courses) by writing a thesis. These hours count as elective credit. Students who choose this option will take PLSC 596 for two semesters (6 credit hours) and take PLSC 597 (zero credit hours) until they are done with the thesis.
  4. All MA candidates must also pass a written comprehensive examination with questions derived from the five courses taken in Political Theory. All of the above requirements for the Master's degree, including removal of all existing incompletes, must be fulfilled before students can take the written comprehensive exam. Students may be currently registered for courses necessary for the degree in the semester in which they take the exam. If the student has fulfilled all degree requirements except for the comprehensive exams, s/he should register for PLSC 605, Masters Study (zero credit hours), in the semesters leading up to and including the exam.

Time Limit

Graduate School regulations require MA students to complete the program within five years. A student failing to meet this deadline may submit a petition to the Graduate Studies Committee requesting an extension of this deadline.