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Department of Political Science


Faculty Grants

Their project proposal, entitled “The Evolving Role of Political Institutions in the Arab World in the Wake of the Arab Spring, 2011-present,” will bring together 25 Arab Ph.D. candidates and early-career faculty from across the Middle East and North Africa to participate in week-long workshops in Rabat, Morocco (September 24-28, 2018) and Tunis, Tunisia (January 28-February 1, 2019), as part of a multi-year APSA effort to support training, research, and networking among Political Scientists from the Middle East and North Africa.

Their project also includes funding for four Loyola Political Science Ph.D. candidates to participate under the mentorship of Professors Maboudi and Schraeder throughout the 2018-19 academic year, including attending and presenting at the Tunis and Rabat workshops.  These Ph.D. candidates, and project titles, are as follows:

•    Taghreed Alsabeh, "The Impact of Elected Islamic Parties on the Formulation and Implementation of Foreign Policy" (which will compare the cases of Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Turkey).
•    Nellie Bohac, "The Evolving Role of Parliaments in North African Foreign Policies during the Arab Spring (2011-present)" (which will compare the cases of Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia).

•    Kirstie Dobbs, "Active on the Street, but Apathetic at the Ballot Box? The Political Behavior of Tunisia's Revolutionary Youth (2011-present)” (which will examine the case of Tunisia within a global comparative context).

•    Michael Schumacher, "Dying to Fight: The Individual and Social Processes of the Foreign Fighter Phenomenon” (which will compare U.S. foreign fighters who fought in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39, and Tunisian foreign fighters who fought for ISIS in Syria and Iraq (2011-present).

For more information about the APSA MENA workshops, please see http://web.apsanet.org/mena/, or contact Professor Peter Schraeder (pschrae@luc.edu) or Professor Tofigh Maboudi (tmaboudi@luc.edu).

Professors Maboudi and Schraeder are extremely excited about leading this APSA project, including working with their Loyola Ph.D. students and Arab counterparts from across the Middle East and North Africa throughout the 2018-19 academic year!