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Hartigan Lecture: Election Administration

Hartigan Lecture: Election Administration

On October 30, 2020, the Department of Political Science hosted a panel discussion on election administration as part of its annual Hartigan Lecture Series. The Department thanks the Hartigan Family for its continued support for thought-provoking conversations like these. You may view a recording of the discussion by clicking this link.


Barry Burden is professor of political science and director of the Elections Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is the co-editor of The Measure of American Elections and has published numerous articles on election administration topics including the recruitment of poll workers, the accuracy of voting machines, voter wait times at the polls, the effects of early voting. Burden has also served as an expert witness in election law litigation and testified before commissions and legislative committees about aspects of election administration.

Mara Suttmann-Lea is an assistant professor in the department of Government and International Relations at Connecticut College. She is a fellow with the Social Science Research Council for their Social Data Fellowship, for which she is currently engaged in research on social media use by state and local election officials for voter education. Her expertise in election administration centers on convenience voting, poll workers, and voter education.

Charlotte Hill is a Ph.D. candidate at the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, where she studies how election and voting laws impact political engagement. Her current research examines how voting barriers reduce youth turnout and how electoral reforms can increase voting rates. Charlotte served as VP of the San Francisco Elections Commission and sits on the boards of nonpartisan advocacy organizations FairVote and RepresentUs.

Moderator Joseph Losco is an adjunct professor of political science at Loyola University of Chicago and Emeritus Director of the Bowen Center for Public Affairs at Ball State University where he helped direct the Voting System Technical Oversight Program (VSTOP) for the Indiana Secretary of State. VSTOP helped certify voting systems in the state and train election administration officials.