Loyola University Chicago

Department of Political Science


Meet Our New Assistant Professor, Kara Ross Camarena

The Department of Political Science is proud to welcome Kara Ross Camarena, who joined the faculty in fall 2020.
Kara Ross Camarena is an Assistant Professor of Political Science.  She specializes in political economy of migration.  Her research asks questions about how human mobility and conflict interact and considers implications for development and foreign aid. Professor Camarena‚Äôs work has been published in the American Journal of Political Science and PLOS One.  She has done fieldwork in East Africa and partnered with private government and non-governmental organizations to evaluate programming related to migrants and development.  Prior to joining Loyola University Chicago, Professor Camarena was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago.  She earned her PhD from the Department of Government at Harvard University.  She worked in the non-profit sector in the US and in development in Tanzania.  Professor Camarena teaches classes on International Relations, Migration and Quantitative Methods.