Loyola University Chicago

Department of Political Science


Meet our Newest Assistant Professors: Meghan Condon and Sarah Maxey

The Department of Political Science is proud to introduce our two newest Assistant Professors who joined the faculty in fall 2018. 

Meghan Condon (pictured on the left) specializes in American politics, with a focus on how inequality and public policy structure democratic life in the United States.  Her work has been published in scholarly journals, such as the Journal of Politics, Political Behavior, and Political Psychology.  She is the recipient of external grants from the American Political Science Association (APSA) and the U.S. Department of Education.  Prior to joining Loyola, Professor Condon taught in the School of Public Service at DePaul University, after completing her Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She teaches courses on American politics, environmental politics, and public policy.

Sarah Maxey (pictured on the right) specializes in U.S. foreign policy, with a focus on international security, democratic accountability, and public opinion.  Her research, which has been published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution, has been funded by the National Science Foundation.  Prior to joining the department, Professor Maxey was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perry World House, after completing her Ph.D. in Government at Cornell University.  Professor Maxey teaches courses on U.S. foreign policy and U.S. national security.