Loyola University Chicago

Department of Political Science


1) When does Mock Trial Start?

Once the case has been distributed by the American Mock Trial Association (usually in late August) Mock Trial begins across the country.  Loyola Mock Trial begins around the second week of September and lasts until mid Spring.

2) How often does LUMT meet?

Generally, we will meet one night a week and one afternoon a weekend (usually Wednesday night and Sunday afternoon).  In addition, we encourage team members to meet individually with each other outside of class.

3) I've never done Mock Trial before, can I still join?

YES!  We welcome all types of students from a variety of academic disciplines.  In fact, you don't even have to be pre-law or remotely interested in attending law school.

4) Can I receive course credit for Mock Trial?

Yes.  Mock Trial is listed on Loyola's LOCUS system as PLSC 300 and counts as a three credit hour course.  While the class meets during both Fall and Spring semesters, students only register for the class DURING SPRING REGISTRATION.

5) How does the course work for my major/minor/university requirements?

For Political Science majors and minors, Mock Trial can count for ONE of your required 300-level electives.  Further participation in Mock Trial will count towards the 128 required hours towards graduation.

For Non-Political Science majors, Mock Trial will be counted as an elective towards the 128 hours necessary for graduation.

6) Do I get a grade for this class?


7) Does Mock Trial Travel?

In order to become the best team possible, Loyola Mock Trial travels to select locations and tournaments throughout the year.  Tournaments usually last an entire weekend (two rounds per day) and have taken us to, Loras Collage (Dubuque, IA), Northwestern University (Lake County Court House, Waukeegan, IL), Eastern Illinois University, (Charlestown, IL), Lewis University (Will County Court House, Joliet, IL), and the University of Eastern Kentucky (Richmond, KY).