Loyola University Chicago

Department of Political Science

Trial Proceedings

Loyola University Chicago Mock Trial competitions are bound by the rules and proceedings of the American Mock Trial Association.   Most competitions consist of four rounds.  Each round is governed by the time constraints prescribed by the Midland Rules of Procedure.

Each team, (Prosecution/Plaintiff or Defense) will have a total of three attorneys and three witnesses plus a timekeeper.  Each competing member of the team will be scored by the judges based upon his or her performance.  Before the start of trial, each team will send representatives to a captain's meeting, where both sides will complete their respective scoring ballots and exchange relevant trial information.  Once all pretrial matters have been addressed and published to the judges, the trial will commence.  The following is a basic outline of an AMTA trial:

I. Opening Statements (5 Minutes per side)

II.  Plaintiff/Prosecution Case in Chief (25 Minutes per side)

III. Defense Case in Chief (25 Minutes per side).

IV. Closing Arguments. (9 Minutes per side)

For further information on AMTA rules and procedures, please visit the American Mock Trial Association website.