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Pope Francis visits the United States

For the next few days, all eyes will be on Pope Francis—the first Jesuit Pope—as he comes to the United States to spread his message of mercy. As a Jesuit university, Loyola shares the Pope’s mission and is deeply committed to helping the poor and marginalized. We are happy to welcome Pope Francis and have created this website so you can follow the Pope on his historic trip and learn more about the power of a Jesuit education.
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Jesuit reactions

We asked four Jesuits on campus: “What does Pope Francis’s first visit to the U.S. mean to you?” Here’s what they had to say.

Justin Daffron, S.J.

Vice President, Advancement

“Gratitude. I’m very grateful that we are blessed with so many outstanding leaders in the Jesuits who, like Pope Francis, envision a Church engaged in the world to make a difference where it is needed most.”

Thomas Regan, S.J.

Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

“I’m really looking forward to his visit and hearing what he has to say. He’s been mixing up the pot a little bit because he speaks for those who do not have a voice. It’s a very, very powerful message that comes right from the Gospel.”

Mark Bosco, S.J.

Director, The Hank Center for the Catholic Intellectual Heritage

“I feel like I understand this Pope better than previous ones because I share in his Ignatian spirituality. He has given himself to God and to Christ’s church completely, and he is not worried about anything that gets in the way of the gospel of love, mercy, and reconciliation.”

Michael J. Garanzini, S.J.

Chancellor, former President and CEO of Loyola University Chicago

“I was in high school when John Kennedy ran for president. His critics said if he got elected he’d be asking for advice from the Pope. And now Pope Francis has been invited to Congress and the White House to give them his opinion—which is great because they could use his advice.”

Loyolans discuss Pope Francis

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Caring for our home

“As a Jesuit urban institution, sustainability integrates with our mission of social justice.”
— Aaron Durnbaugh, director of sustainability at Loyola
“It’s not just a letter saying there’s a problem going on with the environment. It’s a directive. It’s telling us we are responsible and we need to act—now.”
— Nancy Tuchman, PhD, founding director of the Institute of Environmental Sustainability, on the Pope’s encyclical

A unique education

Watch Loyola alum Ian Brennan (right), the award-winning co-creator and executive producer of TV’s “Glee,” give a rousing Commencement speech about the value of a Jesuit education. See the full address

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Much more than a selfie

“While the selfie with Father Sobrino is a fun way to showcase a transformative moment, it truly is the time when I appreciated the value of a Jesuit education. And for this, I am eternally and unbelievably blessed.”
— Loyola junior Kelsey Cheng (far right) in “How a Selfie Changed My Life”

Joining together for justice

In July, close to 200 Jesuit higher education leaders met in Melbourne, Australia. Their goal? To promote social justice initiatives at Jesuit universities around the world. The challenges and opportunities are laid out in this video, “Social Justice and the Jesuit University.” You can also go to our Melbourne conference website to learn more about the project—plus watch an interview about social justice with Adolfo Nicolás, S.J., Superior General of the Society of Jesus. Visit site