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Frequently Asked Questions

No, participation in the Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee is not obligatory. Participation in the Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee is also not a right, and Committee participants must meet all applicable deadlines and requirements to remain eligible in any given Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee cycle.

No, this is only an application to participate in the Loyola Pre-Health Professions Committee process. It provides preparation for the actual application (i.e., AMCAS, AADSAS, AACOMAS) you'll complete next spring and summer.

The Committee is composed of the Pre-Health Professions advising staff, Loyola staff, and Loyola faculty members.

No, advisors and students are randomly matched. However, it is possible you will be paired with someone you already know.

We offer a number of workshops throughout the Committee process. They are typically as follows:

  • General Committee Information Workshop (October)
  • Mandatory Match Day Meeting (January/February)
  • Personal Statement Workshop (February)
  • How to Apply Workshop (April)
  • Interviewing Workshop (September)

You are held responsible for all the information provided at all the workshops. We encourage you to attend all workshops. (Note that each workshop will be often multiple days/times to better accommodate you. Thus when the same workshop is offered multiple times, it is only necessary to attend one.) If you are unable to attend a workshop, it will be important to follow-up with a classmate to find out what information was covered. Additionally, there will also be handouts available in the Pre-Health Professions office which will provide summary information on each workshop—these materials, while helpful, are likely not as efficacious as attending a workshop.

The “Match Day Meeting” is the only mandatory workshop in the sequence of Committee workshops. All Committee participants are expected to make any and all reasonable efforts to attend one of the Match Day Meetings. Any Committee participant who does not attend one of the Match Day Meetings in late January/early February will be expected to provide documentation of the circumstances that prevented attendance at one of the meetings (e.g., class schedule, work schedule, doctor’s note, etc.). Of course, Committee participants who do not live in the Chicago area are not expected to travel to these workshops.

No, you cannot participate in a subsequent Committee process if you have gone fully through a prior Committee process (i.e., submitted a primary application to health professional school and having released your Committee letter). However, you may be able to participate in a subsequent Committee if you withdraw from a given Committee process (see details below) prior to stated deadlines. An applicant who is not accepted to health professional school after having applied through the Committee process may be eligible to participate in an abbreviated Re-applicant process.

Yes, you may withdraw from the Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee process any time before the Committee meets in May. A participant who wishes to withdraw from the Committee simply submits a “Committee Withdrawal” form, made available in January/February, to the Pre-Health Professions Office. If you meet this deadline, you will remain eligible to participate in subsequent Committee cycles. Bear in mind that each Committee cycle is linked to a specific year of admission and it is not possible to reactivate participation in a previous Committee cycle for a subsequent cycle without formally registering for that subsequent cycle. Thus, you will have to fill out a new Committee registration packet and meet all applicable deadlines and eligibility requirements for to participate in a subsequent Committee process.

Yes, but you must do so independently. Due to confidentiality issues, we cannot release letters of evaluation to students who have waived their right of access to their letters. Further, we do not coordinate letters of recommendation for Committee participants who withdraw from the Committee process or are otherwise not participating in that specific Committee cycle. Thus it is your responsibility to ask your recommenders to send letters directly to the schools. You may also utilize a credential file service such as Interfolio. During the application process, some schools require letters from the Pre-Health Advisor at your school. In most cases, a letter from an academic advisor has been an acceptable alternative. Someone who does not participate in the Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee is not eligible for a letter from a health professions advisor.<

If the Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee decides to write a letter on your behalf, you need to complete the "Release of Letters to Schools" form. If you are applying through AMCAS, you will complete the "Letter of Recommendation" form, using Dr. James Johnson as the author of your Committee letter. We use a secure web-based system, Virtual Evals, to distribute Committee letters to participating medical and optometry schools. AMCAS is using a letter service which works with Virtual Evals in the letters distribution. The first step in the release of your letters is submitting a "Release of Letters to Schools" form. This form is available at the end of the academic year. We cannot release letters without this form. You also must provide a copy of your health professions submitted application.

You may elect to retain your right of access to the Committee letter or you may elect to keep it confidential and to waive your right of access to it. Please note, however, that you must elect to keep all evaluation letters (including the Committee letter) either all confidential or all non-confidential; there can be no combination. For example, you may not designate your individual letters of evaluation as confidential and also retain your right of access to the Committee letter.