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Re-applicant Information

For information about the Re-applicant process, please click here.

Only Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee participants who have applied to health professional school and released their Committee letter for a previous admission cycle are eligible for the re-applicant process.

An individual participating in the re-applicant process is not reviewed by the full Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee. Rather, an individual Pre-Health Professions advisor writes an addendum to the applicant’s previous Committee letter detailing how the applicant has improved his or her candidacy. The applicant is responsible for providing supporting information to the Pre-Health advisor writing this addendum. Pre-Health advisors are randomly assigned to re-applicants. Re-applicants are held to the same policies and procedures for releasing their re-applicant letters as the first time Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee applicants.

You must register as a re-applicant by mid-June of the calendar year prior to the intended year of admission. For example, those participating in this cycle of the Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee (year of admission Fall 2018) would have to register as a re-applicant by Friday, June 16, 2017 to work with the Pre-Health Professions re-applicant process.

To register as a re-applicant, you must fill out a re-applicant registration form online, which is made available on the Pre-Health Professions website in Spring, typically in April. Additional information is required, but may be submitted after the Friday in June deadline. This additional required information includes an updated autobiography detailing your activities and accomplishments since participating in the Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee and at least one new letter of recommendation that speaks to your recent activities whether they be academic, clinical, or professional in nature. All information must be received before your re-applicant letter can begin being processed.

If you reapply within two years of your initial Committee application, you are required to provide at least one or two new letters of recommendation. Note that some health professional schools will not accept letters of recommendation that are even one year old. It is your responsibility to find out how the health professional school to which you are applying treats old letters and act accordingly. If you reapply more than two years after your initial Committee application, it is recommended that you provide all new (or updated) letters of recommendation.

Registering as a re-applicant does not require you to discontinue your current application to health professional school. It is understood that some who register as re-applicants will likely be selected off waitlists and earn admission during their initial Committee application. We simply ask that those who had intended on being re-applicants inform us of your subsequent acceptance and change of plans.

Earning admission to health professional school is highly competitive. It is not uncommon for applicants to have to reapply to health professional school. However, some health professional schools- either formally or informally- discourage a third application. Applicants who applied to health professional school through the Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee and again through the re-applicant process, and wish to apply to the re-applicant process a second time (amounting to three total applications) would need to demonstrate substantial improvement in his or her candidacy such as completion of a graduate or structured post-baccalaureate program to be allowed to participate in the re-applicant process for a second time.