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Minimum requirements for admission to most medical and allied health professional schools include basic science courses in biology, chemistry, and physics. Basic science courses in the program are a semester long and consist of both a lecture and laboratory section. However, admission requirements vary among schools and specific programs. To ensure that students take the appropriate courses, they are advised to contact schools of interest prior to enrolling in the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health program.

We offer elective courses which are not required for the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical program, but that may be required for particular medical or allied health professional schools. In addition, these classes may be of interest to students who want to further their own educational interests. Many of these courses may be taken after specific entrance exams.

Since science course requirements vary for medical and health professional schools, students are encouraged to meet with a program advisor to discuss which courses should supplement the minimum requirements.

Potential Electives
AreaSubject/CourseLoyola Course Number
Biology Anatomy & Physiology BIOL 152/153 or BIOL 342 & BIOL 350
  Cell Biology BIOL 251
  Genetics BIOL 282/283
  Microbiology BIOL 302
  Psychobiology BIOL 313
  Immunology BIOL 315
  General Virology BIOL 318
  Comparative Anatomy BIOL 323
  Vertebrate Physiology BIOL 350
  Neurobiology BIOL 362
  Molecular Genetics BIOL 382
  Pharmacology BIOL 389
Chemistry Biochemistry CHEM 361
Mathematics Calculus I/II MATH 131/132
Philosophy Action & Value: Medicine PHIL 284
Sociology Sociology of Health Care SOCL 225
Theology Moral Problems: Medical Issues THEO 192