Loyola University Chicago

Pre-Health Professions

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Dual Acceptance Program (DAP)


Loyola University Chicago and Chicago College of Pharmacy (CCP) of Midwestern University created this program that allows an accepted applicant of Loyola University Chicago to also apply for dual acceptance into the Chicago College of Pharmacy prior to graduation from high school but before the application deadline. An applicant, if accepted into both programs, will attend Loyola University Chicago for two years to complete the prerequisite coursework, and then matriculate to CCP to begin the four-year program to complete a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. This program will allow students to enter their undergraduate program with an assured place in a strong professional pharmacy program. They will also not be required to take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT), which is an entrance requirement for pharmacy schools.

This assured acceptance program will allow students to be directed in their career paths. Students will also be able to concentrate in their undergraduate coursework and activities, and not divide their time to include application and admission activities during the school year. Certain eligibility criteria must be met both before and after application and acceptance. Contact the Undergraduate Admission Office or Pre-Health Professions for more information about the Dual Acceptance Program in pharmacy.

Note: This program is only open to entering freshman, not transfer students.

Click here for a suggested sequence for completing the DAP course requirements.  This course timeline is only one example of sequencing of courses, other variations exist such as courses taken over the summer.  This sequence is valid for 2017 and 2018 students. 

Second Track:

A second track (Track II) for the Dual Acceptance Program (DAP) between Loyola University Chicago and Midwestern University’s Chicago College of Pharmacy (CCP) was recently approved by both institutions.  This additional track is made available due to the understanding that some students do not discover an interest in pharmacy until after they begin their college career. 

Through Track II, current full-time first-year students may apply for conditional admission to the Chicago College of Pharmacy after completing their first year at Loyola and before June 6, 2020.  For current first year students, the conditional admission to CCP would be for the entering class of fall 2021 or fall 2022, depending on the coursework that a given student completed during his or her first year at Loyola. 

Track II requires an application process.  The Track II application is available on the Chicago College of Pharmacy website (below).  Please remember that one does not submit this application until after completing one’s first year at Loyola, being a full-time student both semesters, and meeting other eligibility requirements.