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In light of COVID-19, the Pre-Health Professions Advising office would like to provide you with guidance on questions regarding medical requirements/admissions or otherwise. Please know that we are working diligently to bring you updates on this process and encourage you to check our webpage and online resources from health professional programs regularly. 

Some specific COVID interview advice for in-person interviews:

Bring a mask (probably a back-up, too) and be prepared to wear it for most/all of the day since you will likely be in a clinical setting.  If others do not wear masks but you prefer to, you can.  As a general rule, it is a good idea to be more cautious; you don’t want to be the only person throwing caution (and your mask!) to the wind.

When you meet someone, you do not need to automatically shake hands.  It is appropriate to ask if they are comfortable shaking hands or if they prefer elbows.  This is not offensive and can demonstrate you are conscientious about others’ feelings and/or give you the opportunity to express if you have any hesitations.

Q) Are Pre-Health advisors still be available for appointments? 

A) Absolutely! You may schedule an appointment with a Pre-Health Advisor by the options detailed here: Meet with an Advisor.

Q) Are your drop-in hours still available? 

A) They are indeed still available! Fill out this form in accordance with the details provided, and we'll be happy to meet you during drop-in hours.

Q) If I am not on campus or in the Chicago-area, I may not be able to continue the usual volunteering, research, extra-curricular activities, etc. Will health professional schools be concerned about a lapse in activities? 

A) We believe that medical school and dental school admission committees will be very understanding of the circumstances we all currently face and want all to act in the best interest of their safety, health, and wellbeing. Many health professional programs are also encouraging students to think creatively of ways to support their community in these times.  For those with an EMT or CNA certification, that could be working in these regards.  For others, that could be volunteering at food banks or via online support services, such as Crisis Text Line.  These are only a couple examples, and students should think about what best fits their unique abilities and local needs.   

For updates on how the Coronavirus is impacting AAMC, AACOM, and ADEA services, there are direct links to their responses available here 

Q) I have heard that Medical Schools don't like online courses. How will they respond to the fact that some instruction has been done virtually? 

A) If you have your heart set on a specific medical school, you should check their webpage for their policy, but broadly, health professional schools understand decisions made in the interest of health.  While typically medical schools prefer in-person courses, during the COVID pandemic, most have changed official policy to accept online coursework, including for lab classes.   

Q) I am scheduled to take the MCAT or DAT soon. Will it be cancelled or delayed? What happens if it is?  
A) UPDATE (11/2/20): Pearson VUE (the administrators of the MCAT) did for health and safety reasons cancel some MCAT test dates in the late spring/early summer 2020 time frame and worked diligently with the AAMC and applicants to increase testing availability in summer/fall 2020.  All 2020 MCAT test dates are now complete. 

The AAMC has released test dates and increased study resources for the MCAT test administration in 2021.  They will have staggered registration windows (ie: opening 11/10/2020 for exam dates in January-March 2021) for the 2021 exams.  The MCAT exams will return to the 7.5 hour length and will be offered at 7:30am and 3:00pm on test days.

As COVID is a changing situation, we encourage test takers to regularly check leading up to a scheduled exam for any updates.  For more details regarding registering for and impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) on MCAT testing, please visit the AAMC Taking the MCAT Page and Pearson VUE webpage.  For updates on the DAT, please visit here.


If you have any questions about any aspect of our response to the COVID-19 situation, please write to us at COVID-19support@LUC.edu.  


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