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Fall 2023 Application and Committee Letter Process Overview

In October 2021, we hosted an info session to explain the newly revamped Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee (PHPAC) process. This included an overview of the application timeline and details on the components required for an application (the Application Deliverables).

The recording of the info session can be accessed here.


Applicant Self-Assessment Info Session

Am I ready to apply? Should I take a gap year? Am I competitive for admission? What should I focus on between now and my application?  

This info session breaks down the holistic review of your preparation and empowers you to utilize similar tolls to admissions professionals to assess your current status as well as identify your unique goals and timeline. The same material will be repeated in both formats as well as recorded to reach as many potential applicants as possible.   

NOTE: This info sessionis intended for both 2023 applicants as well as future applicants looking to solidify goals and timelines. 

A recording of the info session can be found here.