Loyola University Chicago


Covid Statement

Loyola University Chicago Preschool is dedicated to providing a healthy, safe environment for children, staff and families.  We adhere to IDPH and DCFS protocols for child care programs as well as Loyola University guidelines and protocols.  All Loyola employees are required to be to vaccinated (allowing for health and religious exemptions) as well as all visitors, vendors and contractors entering any Loyola building, which includes the Preschool building. 

The preschool has always followed good health practices including handwashing, “catching” coughs in elbows, good ventilation, sanitizing and cleaning of surfaces and toys.  Since the start of the pandemic we have increased our vigilance, including:

  • mask wearing indoors for both adults and children, (except at nap and eating/drinking times).
  • daily health screenings,
  • strict adherence to testing for Covid- 19 when symptoms are present or if there is a Covid- 19 diagnosis in any family member,
  • smaller groups to allow for as much social distancing as possible
  • Keeping classes separate from each other in order to lessen the chance of center wide contagion

Equally important, preschool parents make a commitment to support and participate in current CDC guidelines regarding Covid-19.  Parents and preschool staff very much work together to keep our community healthy.