Loyola University Chicago

Office of the President

Lake Shore Campus Main Address Changing

June 3, 2009

Loyola Community,

As of June 1, the University is changing the official main address for the Lake Shore Campus to 1032 W. Sheridan Road. The former address, 6525 N. Sheridan Road, once marked the location of the central receiving office to the University, but that building is now a maintenance shop and the address is confusing to vendors and other campus visitors.

1032 W. Sheridan Road is the first entrance and one-way road between the Quinlan Life Sciences Center and the Mundelein Center. This new address will lead visitors to the main parking structure.

While the address change will be effective immediately, it will have little effect on Loyola faculty, staff, and students. Individuals will still receive their mail and deliveries, even if they are postmarked to the 6525 N. Sheridan Road address. The student post office has a separate address at 6431 N. Sheridan Road.

We know the old 6525 address is printed on a number of documents and forms throughout the University, but we encourage you to not throw anything away. Please use your entire inventory before ordering new materials with the new address, including business cards, letterhead, and envelopes. However, if you are planning to re-order supplies soon, please make sure all documents reflect the new 1032 location. We will also immediately change the Web site to reflect the 1032 address and will begin to update on-campus signage and other marketing materials, as well.

Please encourage all faculty and staff—especially those who interact on a daily basis with visitors—to inform the Loyola community about the new address.

This change will improve the experience visitors have when they first arrive at Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus. It is the natural location that comes up when you use a GPS system and flows people into the main parking structure easily.

Below are some answers to clarify any questions you might have. For further clarification, please contact Phil Kosiba, VP, facilities, at pkosiba@luc.edu or Bill Sherry, superintendent, facilities, at wsherry@luc.edu.


Michael J. Garanzini, S.J.
President, Loyola University Chicago


LSC Main Address Change Questions and Answers

How does this address change affect me?
Very little. All mail is received in bulk, so it will not interfere with items sent to the old address. The student post office has a separate address at 6431 N. Sheridan Road.

If you are planning to order new business cards, letterhead, or forms of any kind that contain the old address, we ask that you make sure you change the address to read 1032 W. Sheridan Road. However, please note that you should use all materials with the old address until you run out.

In the future, please provide all visitors with the new address when directing them to the main entrance of the Lake Shore Campus. This will not be a major change, as most people are already directed to the 1032 address as the main entrance and GPS systems bring you there anyway.

Why are you doing this?
The old 6525 address was not a natural entry point into campus. When using a GPS system, Google, or Mapquest, you would be brought to Sheridan by Granada rather than the block north. It was very confusing to visitors.

Do I need to do anything today as a result?
If you need to re-order supplies, documents, letterhead, business cards, etc. that have the main Loyola address on it, make sure they read 1032 W. Sheridan Road. Please know that there is no reason to throw out anything with the old address on it. We ask that you use your entire inventory before re-ordering in an effort to save money and be more environmentally conscious.

Where is 1032 W. Sheridan Road?
1032 W. Sheridan Road is the one-way road located between the east end of the Quinlan Life Sciences Center and the west-facing end of the Mundelein Center that leads to the main parking structure.

Is there a building with the 1032 W. Sheridan Road address?
No, 1032 W. Sheridan Road is the road located between the east end of the Quinlan Life Sciences Center and the west-facing end of the Mundelein Center.

Will the University be putting up an official address sign at the entrance?
When construction is complete, we will be working on permanent signage for key areas around campus.

Will the Web site show the new address?
Yes, the Web site will reflect the new address immediately.

How will parents know about this?
We will be posting a notice on the parent Web site, and it will also be included in the parent e-newsletter.

Will this impact Discover Loyola and other student orientations?

Do I have to call all of my vendors about this?
If you have a procard, please be sure to change the address if a supplier requires a billing address. Anything mailed to you will not be impacted, however. If you use a vendor for printing, make sure they are aware of the change if an address is being printed on any future documents.

Will I still get my mail?
Yes, all campus mail is delivered in bulk and will continue to be delivered even if the old address is used. Moving forward, please instruct anyone who may mail you a document that the address has changed. The student post office has a separate address at 6431 N. Sheridan Road.

Will this affect emergency response teams finding their way on and around campus?
No, "normal" emergency responders are already familiar enough with campus to know where to access buildings in case of emergency, regardless of what the official University address is.