Loyola University Chicago

Office of the President

2010 Faculty and Staff Survey Results


Dear Faculty and Staff,

Results from our 2010 faculty and staff opinion survey have been tabulated, and I’m happy to share that there was a significant increase in participation in the survey. The response rate for this year’s survey totaled 77 percent, up from 68 percent participation in the last survey in 2007. I thank you for your active participation in this effort.

Survey data was shared with the President’s Cabinet on March 10 and with the Council of Deans on March 16. In each presentation, survey vendor Towers Watson reviewed the University’s overall strengths and identified key opportunity areas for improvement. Overall, the data shows that engagement levels are strong, and Loyola faculty and staff members are cautiously optimistic about the future of the University. We also see significant improvements in the areas of pay and benefits (up 11 percent from the 2007 survey results) and senior leadership communication (up 10 percent), both of which were identified as key areas of improvement in 2007 and which were central foci of the University’s “Results to Action” planning. In all, 75 survey questions can be compared directly to the 2007 survey, and 36 of those items showed significant improvement.

Where to Improve
As expected, the survey again revealed areas in which the University has room to improve. While pay and benefits responses were significantly more positive, overall perceptions regarding the competitiveness of our pay and benefits are still significantly lower when compared to other businesses. More effort is needed to effectively communicate our pay and benefits programs and to re-design areas when we find that they are not competitive. We also see room for improvement in the teamwork category. Overall, Loyola faculty and staff members appear satisfied with the teamwork/cooperation in their own area, but they are not satisfied with the cooperation they encounter outside their work group. The survey results also highlighted the need to more proactively work with employees to engage them in the University’s strategic plan and mission.

Next Steps
As we did following the 2007 survey, next steps in this process are to work at both departmental and institutional levels to absorb the data and, with the help of Human Resources, develop plans to leverage our strengths and address our opportunity areas. Our “Results to Action” phase will also once again require the assistance of division/school planning coordinators. In the coming weeks, look for your planning coordinator to conduct a division/school-specific presentation that summarizes your area’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. As in 2007, each division/school will be required to develop an action plan that addresses their specific area’s concerns.

Once the University initiatives are identified, I will communicate that information to you directly via a survey newsletter that the Human Resources department will distribute this spring as well as at town hall meetings that will be offered on each campus. And, as always, keep an eye on the Inside Loyola Weekly e-newsletter for additional information on the town hall meetings, survey results, and the “Results to Action” phase.

Thank you again for taking the time to make your opinions known. Thanks to your feedback in 2007, we were able to implement real solutions that allowed us to make strides in the 2010 results. I can assure you that we will take this new feedback just as seriously as we continue to make Loyola University Chicago a rewarding place to work. 

Michael J. Garanzini, S.J.
President, Loyola University Chicago