Loyola University Chicago

Office of the President

Statement on Guilty Verdict in George Floyd Murder Trial

April 20, 2021

Dear members of the Loyola community,

As the jury has now reached a guilty verdict in the murder trial of ex-police officer Derek Chauvin, we are united in remembering George Floyd and extend our prayers to his family and everyone impacted by this unconscionable murder. We also remember and pray for all those whose lives were taken through the actions of some police officers and failures in law enforcement systems.

Within our Loyola University Chicago community, we recognize the emotional and psychological toll events like these take on all of us, especially our Black students, staff, and faculty.

As a Jesuit, Catholic institution, our mission calls us to engage with love, to be willing to reach deep within ourselves, condemn racism in any form, risk discomfort, confront ambiguities, and respect the full spectrum of individual humanity as we pursue education and research that serve the greater good. It is important that we come together to support one another and address the systemic racism and oppression that has plagued society for too long. This is the only way we will create a truly equitable and just society.

While today’s guilty verdict brings accountability and limited closure to some, George Floyd’s murder remains a painful and horrific episode that is emotionally triggering for many. Loyola continues to offer support for anyone who is processing, grieving, and coping with these painful experiences. Students on the Lake Shore Campus can reach out to the Wellness Center for assistance, and students on the Health Sciences Campus and Downer’s Grove site can reach out to other resources available.

To our Black community, we know this painful milestone is one of many tragic events that further increases the trauma, exhaustion, and hurt that already exist. Our entire Loyola community stands with you. Please take the time and space you need to process the verdict and the heartbreaking events of the past weeks and months.

As members of our Loyola community, let us continue to support one another and work together to rid our society of the sin of racism.


Jo Ann Rooney, JD, LLM, EdD