Loyola University Chicago

Office of the President


An Easter Message

March 23, 2016

Dear Members of the Loyola Community,

This week is a special and sacred time of year for many in our community. Tomorrow, we begin the Easter Triduum with Holy Thursday. All are invited to gather with fellow Loyolans to rejoice in this season of hope and renewal at Madonna della Strada Chapel for Holy Week and Easter liturgies.

As a diverse religious institution, members of our campus community will also participate in a number of other faith-based celebrations in the coming weeks. Regardless of your faith tradition or beliefs, I invite you to join me in taking a moment to reflect and give thanks for our Loyola community and for the unique gifts and opportunities that we have received.

While we consider all that we have to be grateful for, please remember in a special way those who have lost their lives in tragic terrorist attacks this month in Belgium, Turkey, and other parts of the world. Events like these remind us that our educational mission of promoting peace and understanding across the globe is as important as ever.


John P. Pelissero, PhD
Interim President