Loyola University Chicago

Office of the President


Proposed Demonstration Policy Review Period

February 23, 2016

Dear Members of the Loyola Community,

As you may recall, in December we placed a moratorium on three sections of our Demonstration and Fixed Exhibit Policy, housed within the University’s Community Standards. Since then, we have gathered input from students, faculty, and staff and have been reviewing the policy so that it better reflects our values and needs as an institution.

I want to thank the University Senate, Student Government of Loyola Chicago, and the Division of Student Development for their work on this initiative and for the thoughtful recommendations they provided. I also want to thank everyone who attended the University Senate open forum, Senate meetings, or simply made their voice heard by reaching out to those involved with the review process. The dialogue has been constructive and respectful and has allowed us to arrive at the proposed Student Free Expression: Demonstration and Fixed Exhibit Policy that I want to share with you today.

Key updates to the policy include:

  • Demonstration approval is no longer required. Organizers are encouraged to notify the Office of the Dean of Students two days before the demonstration; however, formal approval to move forward is no longer necessary.
  • Indoor demonstrations are now recognized and may occur in two locations on our lakeside campuses—Damen Student Center and Terry Student Center—as long as they don’t impede building traffic.
  • Outdoor demonstrations can be held throughout campus and are no longer limited to the Damen North Lawn.
  • Amplified sound is permitted during outdoor demonstrations if used in a manner that does not substantially interfere with classes or other events on campus.
  • Under the policy, demonstrations and fixed exhibits—regardless of the content or viewpoints expressed—are permitted so long as they are orderly, lawful, and congruent with policies within the Community Standards.

To view the proposed policy, please click here.

Given the level of importance of this initiative, I want to provide the campus community with some additional time to consider this policy change before it is finalized. Please provide any feedback by Tuesday, March 15, 2016. At the end of this three-week window, we will review any comments we receive before finalizing the policy.

Feedback can be sent to Jane Neufeld, the vice president for student development, at studentdevelopment@luc.edu. Thank you again for your attention and collective efforts as we work to finalize a demonstration policy that better allows our students to express their views in a safe and timely manner.


John P. Pelissero, PhD
Interim President