Loyola University Chicago

Office of the President


Our Commitment to Diversity

January 30, 2017

Dear Members of the Loyola Community,

The last few weeks have highlighted numerous fault lines in our nation as a consequence of a divisive presidential election. The recent actions and executive orders of the new presidential administration are unprecedented and have left many outraged, confused, and fearful of their safety and future. I want to reinforce that we are a community made stronger because of our diversity. All are equally valued, regardless of faith tradition, national origin, or immigration status. Secure in our Jesuit, Catholic identity, we understand and appreciate Loyola University Chicago as a home for all faiths, and the best traditions of our faith call upon us to welcome every person as a reflection of God.

Xenophobia or other forms of discrimination can have no place at Loyola or our larger community. We cannot allow fear, anger, or impulsiveness to diminish our embrace of the free pursuit of knowledge in order to build a just society. Please be assured of our unwavering commitment to diversity on our campuses. This commitment requires us to dialogue with each other, demonstrating that we do not fear but rather embrace and learn from people different than us. We treasure diverse cultures and faith traditions precisely because they encourage us to explore and understand the variety in the universe, as well as value and understand our own histories on a deeper level.

I want you to know that the University continues to advocate on a multitude of fronts, including local, regional, and national levels. Our focus is on ensuring the protection and dignity of all of the members of our community and society. For those feeling frightened or vulnerable in light of recent events, I hope to offer some solace as you do not stand alone in facing the future. Loyola University Chicago stands with you in solidarity and with moral clarity. We will never stop advocating to fashion a peaceful and just society that our faith calls us to build.


Jo Ann Rooney, JD, LLM, EdD