Loyola University Chicago

Office of the President


Campus Safety Independent Review Task Force Update

March 28, 2018

Loyola University Chicago has convened an Independent Review Task Force comprised of students, faculty, staff, and outside experts in student development and diversity to investigate the February 24 incident involving students and Campus Safety officers.

The University has also engaged the firm of Hillard Hientze to facilitate the independent investigation and report in conjunction with the task force. Based on their review of the investigation, assessment, and initial recommendations, the task force will formulate and submit their recommendations to the president by the end of April. 

Members of the Task Force are: Dr. Xavier Cole, Vice President for Student Affairs, Marquette University; Shanzeh Daudi, Senior, Maroon and Gold Society; Jocelyn Dillard, Sophomore, Black Cultural Center Secretary, Loyola University Chicago; Ezgi Ilhan, Senior, Student Government, Loyola University Chicago; Joyce Knight, MDiv, Assistant Dean for Advising, College of Arts & Sciences; Christopher Manning, Ph.D., Associate Professor in History and Assistant Provost for Academic Diversity; David E. Olson, PhD, Professor in Criminal Justice and Co-Director of the Center for Criminal Justice Research; Dr. Amalia Pallares, Associate Chancellor and Vice Provost for Diversity at the University of Illinois-Chicago; and Howard Williams, Sophomore, African Student Alliance, Loyola University Chicago.

The University previously announced that Campus Safety will implement the use of body cameras for all campus security officers. Moving to body cameras involves training in the use of the technology, and they will be in full use by fall. Campus Safety is implementing a curriculum called “Policing at the Speed of Trust,” a program designed by Franklin Covey that is used across the country to build trust and stronger working relationships between police and community members.