Loyola University Chicago

Rule of Law for Development Institute

School of Law

Ekaterina Baksanova (2011-2012)

Senior Protection Assistant, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

I am currently working as a Senior Protection Assistant in United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Bulgaria. As part of a field team, I am involved in the monitoring of protection standards and operational procedures, the provision of advice on protection issues to UNHCR’s persons of concern, as well as the liaising with competent authorities. In addition, I participate in individual protection case management including cases of child protection, drafting reports, updating relevant databases and compiling statistics for the protection unit and contribute to advocacy efforts and initiatives to enhance national and local protection capacities. Furthermore, prior to commencing my work in the UNHCR and following my graduation from PROLAW, I worked as a Project Manager for the Bulgarian Judges Association where I actively participated in the continuing efforts aiming at sustainable judicial reform and upholding the rule of law in the country. PROLAW’s training allowed me to quickly switch between different work contexts, be adaptive and at the same time well prepared and skilled to respond to the requirements of fast-paced and demanding working environments. The PROLAW’s teaching faculty, all practitioners, as well as my fellow students from all around the world having diverse professional background were an inspirational source of knowledge and information which can equip anybody willing to progress in the rule of law and development fields with the necessary skills.