Loyola University Chicago

Rule of Law for Development Institute

School of Law

Ketevan Sarajishvili (2014-15)

Head of Public International Law Department, Ministry of Justice Georgia

Currently, I hold the position of Head of Public International Law Department of the Georgian Ministry of Justice.  Upon graduation from PROLAW, I was promoted as the senior legal adviser and later on as the Deputy Head of the same department I’m now heading.

My duties include a wide range of areas including managing  legal researches  and analytical documents in public international law, promoting the elaboration of national action plans and state policies on anti-drug issues, counter-trafficking measures, international humanitarian law, etc.

Together with the managerial duties, I’m in charge of promotion and further development of the international cooperation between the Ministry and partner states and international organizations.

My field of competence covers different topics related to public international law and human rights, specifically, issues related to policy making devoted to human trafficking, gender equality, anti-drug policy, mutual legal assistance, integration with the European Union, association agreement and visa liberalization processes with EU, etc.

PROLAW gave me a unique opportunity and profound understanding of the importance of international cooperation, the basic principles of development, well managed and assessed reforms.

PROLAW equipped me with relevant skills which help me to better plan the reforms and promote their effective implementation with the involvement of all significant stakeholders, both governmental and non-governmental.

January 2017