Loyola University Chicago

Rule of Law for Development Institute

School of Law

Mubarak Kalenge (2012-13)

Legal Consultant,
Century Entrepreneurship Development Agency (CEDA) International, Uganda

Since returning to Uganda from the PROLAW program I am working as the legal expert on human trafficking working with Century Entrepreneurship Development Agency (CEDA) International. The NGO has received a grant from the US Government to combat human trafficking in Uganda. PROLAW taught me most of the specific skills required for this position.

I am also a Lecturer at the faculty of law, Kampala International University, a position that I would not have attained if I had not attended PROLAW since one of the main requirements for the position is having attained a Masters degree in law.

Lastly, am in the process of establishing my own NGO to continue doing rule of law work in Uganda. The PROLAW program has given me the vision and skills to pursue this goal.

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