Loyola University Chicago

Rule of Law for Development Institute

School of Law

Tamar Kusikashvili (2012-13)

Legal Adviser,
Ministry of Justice of Georgia

I have been working as a legal adviser of the Department of Legal Drafting of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia since 2010. My duties include drafting laws and amendments in the legislation, drafting decrees of the Minister of Justice, doing legal expertise of the draft laws and decrees, reporting on the gaps of the regulations, carrying out comparative legal studies and preparing recommendations on the necessary amendments in the legislation.

After graduating from PROLAW program I was promoted to a position of a Senior Legal Adviser. Currently in the framework of the reform of the judiciary in Georgia I am involved in preparing a legislative package of amendments to numerous laws, including Organic Law on Courts of General Jurisdiction of Georgia and Law on Disciplinary Liability and Disciplinary Proceedings against the Judges of the General Jurisdiction. In addition, the Ministry of Justice recently proposed a fundamental reform of the commercial regulations in Georgia. In the framework of the said reform I have been working on the recommendations on the possible changes in the Civil Code, Civil Procedure Code, company law, bankruptcy regulations, etc.

The knowledge and skills gained from the PROLAW program helped me a lot in carrying out my duties. PROLAW showed me how to use international experience but at the same time be context specific. Besides, the skills that the program gave me help me in dealing with various stakeholders, including the development agencies in law-making process. 

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