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MJ in Rule of Law for Development (PROLAW MJ)


The Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) in Rule of Law for Development (PROLAW MJ) is a one-year practice-oriented master’s degree program for non-lawyers which will be offered beginning fall 2017. The program is offered at Loyola’s John Felice Rome Center in Italy, and will be run in tandem with Loyola’s Master of Laws (LLM) in Rule of Law for Development. The PROLAW MJ program is designed to support and strengthen the efforts of international professionals across the globe who do not have law degrees and currently work or aspire to work as advisors to promote the rule of law in economies in transition and developing countries. The launch of the new MJ in Rule of Law for Development reflects Loyola’s longstanding belief that establishing and strengthening the rule of law requires a multidisciplinary effort in which legal and other professionals need to combine their diverse knowledge and skills to foster sustainable change. The PROLAW MJ program will provide students with foundational knowledge and skills required to become the most qualified and well-prepared rule of law innovators and leaders in their countries and geographical regions.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates with the degree of MJ in Rule of Law for Development will:

  • receive advanced training to rule of law practitioners;
  • develop and expand professional expertise in rule of law development reform, and
  • be equipped with the specific knowledge and skills needed to inspire, lead and manage efforts to strengthen the rule of law and prospects for national development.

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