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The PROLAW Student Journal is an annual electronic publication of the PROLAW Program and is published on the PROLAW website. Our readership primarily includes cross-continental persons trained in law, legal practitioners, judges, development experts, policy makers, justice reformers, Government officials, and professionals whose work involve issues relating to rule of law development. Our publication is currently electronic and enjoys a wide global readership. The Journal is in its 3rd edition.

The PROLAW Student Journal was founded by the students who attended the LLM Program in Rule of Law for Development in the academic year of its launching, 2011-2012. The students are responsible for setting submission guidelines, editorial standards, reviewing submissions and making the final selection of commentaries and articles for publication. Each successive group of PROLAW scholars will further develop and continue this important new platform of exchange on key rule of law issues.


The PROLAW Student Journal aims to educate and sensitize, primarily the members of the legal, academic, socio-economic and development communities on cross-cutting rule of law development issues. It places emphasis on making feasible recommendations for improvement in understanding, adhering to and promoting the rule of law, worldwide. Thus, while we welcome articles on more traditional rule of law development issues, submissions/articles relating to cross-cutting contemporary issues that render strategic approaches and recommendations, which may also have a wider socio-economic impact - are given more favorable weight for publication.


The PROLAW Student Journal is managed entirely by students in the Program. Click here for a list of the Management/Editorial teams of each year group.

Contributors / Authors

We invite the submission of unsolicited articles, essays and commentaries for consideration in the PROLAW Student Journal and review every submission received. To date, the preferred contributors to the Journal have been the legally trained international development scholars enrolled yearly in the PROLAW Program, PROLAW Alumni, Faculty Members and Visiting Lecturers/Professors. External contributors or other experts are also invited to make submissions.

All prospective contributors are urged to carefully consult the submission guidelines and editorial standards before submitting any content for inclusion. We look forward to receiving your submissions and sharing it with our readers.

Contact Us

To contact the current Editorial team with suggestions or questions or to propose external contributions to the PROLAW Student Journal, please use the following e-mail address: prolawjournal@luc.edu.

Click here to view the submission guidelines and applicable editorial standards for contributors.

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