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Home: Italy

Education: Combined Bachelor and Master of Science in Law, major in International and Public Institutions, Bocconi University,Milan, Italy; Diplome de Droit Comparè, premiere cycle, Facultè Internationale de Droit Comparè, Strasbourg, France; Summer School on International Trade: Law and Economics, LUISS University, Rome, Italy.

Experience:  Legal Training, Studio Brigante & Associates – Attorneys at Law – Rome- Italy. District Attorney’s Assistant, District Attorney's Office - Washington county, Washington PA (USA); Vice President - International Relations and Development Goodwill Italia Onlus - Italy; GM’s Research Assistant: organization and monitoring of the activities  - law development’s department at ANCEI Formazione e Ricerca - Italy.

Personal Statement:  Looking at the program proposed by Loyola University of Chicago School of Law of LLM in Rule of Law for Development (PROLAW) I would like to deepen the general commitment among   policymakers and  the importance of the rule of law to development. I believe that the rule of law is  a concept that resonates across borders and boundaries while reflecting a diverse set of perspectives rooted in societies ‘culture, history, politics, institutions and conceptions of justice. Above all I am interested in understanding the multi‐faceted, cross‐disciplinary, and sometimes contested nature of the evidence base, and the importance of understanding the particular pathways between the rule of law and development. My effort will be to learn how define commitments, targets and  indicators should clarify the particular pathways to promote building on and strengthening the existing evidence base.   



Home: U.S.A

Education: Undergraduate studies at University of Chicago, with a concentration in Classics. J.D. from Loyola University Chicago School of Law, with certificates in Advocacy and International law.

Experience: Judicial Extern for the Honorable Judge David B. Atkins at the Circuit Court of Cook County. Supervising Professor and Administrative Fellow, Dispute Resolution Program at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. 

Personal Statement: I chose PROLAW because I want to address underdeveloped and misused areas of law in the U.S. I want to find better ways to implement laws so that they serve their intended purposes. I also hope to learn how corporate involvement impacts national economic development, so that we can hold multi-national entities accountable for actions with detrimental outcomes. 



Home: Ukraine

Education: BA in Law, MA in Law, National University “Yaroslav the Wise Legal Academy”, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Post-graduate: Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland; Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin, Poland.

Experience: Private legal practice telecommunication law in Ukraine; Staff Attorney at American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative, Kyiv, Ukraine; Legal Researcher on in the sphere of human rights of the third generation.

Personal Statement: International legal environment and national legal systems are interconnected in modern globalized world. These two systems require implementation of the basic principle, with is rule of law. I have chosen to participate in the PROLAW program because it is a unique course which provides students with the knowledge and skills of real development mechanisms for the countries undergoing transition. I want to use my expertise to help my country to be a successful player at the international arena and effective manager within its borders.



Home: Kosovo

Education: BA, Faculty of Law, University of Prishtina, Kosovo

Experience: Program Officer at Civil Rights Program Kosovo (one of the key implementing partners of UNHCR in Kosovo); Legal assistant at Diaspora for Development; Hospitality Coordinator at Prishtina Film Festival. VIS Moot Court Participant for two years in a row.

Personal Statement: Kosovo has a marred reputation of rule of law and very few (not to say inexistent) local rule of law advisors. That has driven me to search for a groundbreaking practice-oriented program on rule of law that would provide the necessary academic and professional development through which I would gain the capability and competence of advising on rule of law and according an extended priority to this matter in Kosovo. All in all, PROLAW has by far been the only program I came across that best fits and covers my areas of interest, both for its outstanding staff and agenda.



Home: Tanzania

Education: LLB, Open University of Tanzania.

Experience: Principal Inquiry Assistant, The Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance, Tanzania.

Personal Statement: I chose PROLAW because I want to become a leader and expert on development issues in developing countries. PROLAW is the answer to that, as it provides the necessary skills and knowledge for one to become just that and more.



Home: Zimbabwe

Education: L.L.B University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Experience: Student writing consultant at the University of the Witwatersrand School of Law, March 2012-December 2013; Academic tutor for the Law of Persons and Labour Law; conducted fieldwork as part of the Socio-Economic Rights Institute of South Africa (Seri) to gather information on eviction matters; Legal intern, the Centre for Applied Studies, University of the Witwatersrand.

Personal Statement: I applied to the PROLAW course to gain invaluable insights and knowledge on the relationship which exists between rule of law and economic development. The course will enable me to contribute meaningfully to legal reform efforts across the globe. I was fascinated by the program’s specialization in rule of law and its emphasis in training competent rule of law and development lawyers. The program is in line with my career aspirations in promoting accountability and strengthening rule of law in Zimbabwe.



Home: U.S.A.

Education: BA's from University of California Los Angeles in History and the Study of Religion, 2008. MA from California State University in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (in progress, 2015). JD from Loyola New Orleans College of Law, 2013. 

Experience: Summer Associate at White & Case, Moscow in the International Mergers and Acquisitions group, 2012. Summer Law Clerk at The Orange County District Attorney's Office in Orange, CA, 2011.

Personal Statement: When I first began researching LLM programs and I came across PROLAW, I was astounded by the uniqueness and practicality of this singular opportunity. Having a practice-orientated curriculum that allows students to hit the ground running in the field of rule of law for development has provided me with an invaluable and incomparable foundation to embark on an international career as a rule of law advisor. The quality and caliber of the instructors and the materials are truly second to none.



Home: South Africa

Education: LLB, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Experience: Lawyer, Bowman Gilfillan Inc., South Africa.

Personal Statement: I chose PROLAW because the course offers an amazing opportunity to learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of the application of the Rule of Law principle. This course gives one a unique opportunity to gain useful skills to enable one to participate effectively in the development and reform of one's home country. I am passionate about learning and improving myself continuously. Being part of this class is a great opportunity, for which I am thoroughly grateful, to learn and share ideas with various people from all over the world.  



Home: South Africa

Education: LLB, University of the Witwatersrand.

Experience:  Lawyer, ProBono.org (an NGO that facilitates pro bono hours on matters for private law firms) dealing with human rights law. Candidate Attorney, Legal Resources Centre, worked on matters relating to gender, rule of law, education, customary law, mining and extractives and land claims.    

Personal Statement: The course is an opportunity to learn from other people and gain inspiration from the work they do, fostering an international network of likeminded parties with one goal. With the experience gained from the course, I plan to work on a collaborative basis between the government that informs the drafting of policies and Non-governmental organizations that inform the content of policies by way of submissions and monitoring of the implementation process. The work I have done so far has made it necessary for me to get the required skills through this course.



Home: Uganda

Education: Bachelor of Laws Degree L.L.B (Hons), Makerere University (MUK) Kampala-Uganda, Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Law Development Centre, Kampala-Uganda and a Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property (MIP), Africa University, Mutare-Zimbabwe.

Experience: State Attorney, Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Government of the Republic of Uganda, Kampala-Uganda.

Personal Statement: I chose to pursue the PROLAW program because I am passionate about acquiring skills and knowledge on rule of law matters, to enable me become an effective advisor on rule of law issues. The knowledge and skills I will acquire, will greatly enhance my understanding of issues relating to rule of law, which form a large component of my daily assignments. I felt it would also be an opportunity for me, to meet, interact and share experiences with students from other jurisdictions and to also enable me become part of the far reaching network of Rule of Law Development experts as well as organizations involved in rule of law and development work.



Home: U.S.A

Education: University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, UALR William H. Bowen School of Law.

Experience: Legal Professional with experience in bankruptcy law, criminal law, and civil law.

Personal Statement:  I enrolled in the Rule of Law Program to learn and to improve my skills in the sector. The program will help me assist lawmakers to develop laws and improve policies in the United States and internationally.  After the completion of this program, I would love to work internationally in children rights and of course, human rights issues.



Home: Kenya

Education: L.L.B, Moi University, Kenya. 
Post Graduate Diploma in Law, Kenya School of Law

Experience: Magistrate Judiciary of the Republic of Kenya, State Counsel in the Office of Attorney General of the Republic of Kenya.

Personal Statement: I came to know about PROLAW program through Professor William T. Loris whom I met on linkedin.com. I come from a country where Rule of Law expertise currently is of paramount importance in light of constitution implementation process following promulgation of the current constitution of the Republic of Kenya on 27/08/2010. I am persuaded that the knowledge and skills I will obtain from PROLAW program will be an asset to my country. At the core of my plans is to proceed with a doctorate program on Rule of Law related field upon completion of my LL.M.



Home: Kenya

Education: L.L.B degree from the University of Nairobi, Kenya; Certificate Course in Legislative Drafting, TCA Nairobi; Diploma in Legal studies from the Kenya School of Law;  Diploma in International Baccalaureate from the St. Mary’s School Nairobi.

Experience: Private legal practice in various law firms in Nairobi; Program Manager for legal aid programs at The CRADLE – The Children Foundation; Managing Public Interest and Advocacy Program at the Law Society of Kenya; Regional Manager for Strengthening Access to Justice for Children and Youth in East Africa; Legal Officer at the National Bank of Kenya.

Personal Statement: I applied for the PROLAW Program because of its practical and diversified approach to the issues of Rule of Law and Development. I hope to gain the necessary expertise to initiate and participate in existing rule of law programs in East Africa. I also hope to benefit from the experiences of my fellow students, who have diverse backgrounds and come from different countries.  



Home: Armenia

Education: Yerevan State University-Political Science-Bachelor’s degree; Yerevan State University-Public Administration-Master’s degree; Yerevan State University-Bachelor’s degree.

Experience: Secondary school N35-Teacher, Ministry of justice of RA-Civil servant in the department of International relations.

Personal Statement: My personal interest in PROLAW began when, as a leading specialist at the Ministry of Justice, I was learned about the program from the deputy minister. Getting acquainted with the details of the program goals I found out that the courses suggested in the program would contribute to my professional growth in two major ways: I will perform my job functions much better, and second, the great theoretical base suggested in the program will give me more precise information to come up with more productive reform programs. In addition, this program will give me an opportunity to enter into the field of Law Science and specialize in the art of drafting and assessing Legal Acts. LL.M. in Rule of Law for Development PPOLAW is a logical next step toward meeting my long-term goals for my professional life.



Home: Philippines

Education: Juris Doctor (with honors), Ateneo de Manila School of Law; MA, Philosophy (magna cum laude), University of Sto. Tomas (Manila); AB Humanities-Philosophy (magna cum laude), University of Asia and the Pacific (Manila).

Experience: In-house Legal Counsel/Legal Consultant of FTI Consulting Inc. (Manila office) and Elite Union Group of Companies (Manila office); Legal Associate, Zambano & Gruba Law Firm; Legal Associate C&G Law; Executive Assistant, Court of Appeals (Manila); Pro-bono legal work with LENTE (Legal Network for Truthful Elections) and Alliance for Families (ALFI);​Philosophy Instructor at University of Asia and the Pacific and Foundation for Professional Training Inc.

Personal Statement: Aristotle says that excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives; because choice, not chance, determines your destiny. I chose PROLAW because I believe the people behind it have excelled in the field of rule of law. I also want the direction in my legal career to become more meaningful in terms of being able to contribute to making the rule of law work not only in my own country but also in jurisdictions and environments that have a lot of room for growth in this area. I believe that making the rule of law work will redound to the improvement of lives of people and societies.



Home: Mexico

Education: L.L.B, University of Guadalajara.

Experience: Parliament advisor in Mexican Senate. 2013 – to date. Office of Senator Jesús Casillas Romero from Jalisco. Research, training, and advising for legal and personal matters and Constitutional issues. Paralegal in City Hall of Guadalajara, Jalisco. Governing Dr. Leobardo Alcalá Padilla. Drafting of initiatives and political programs. Citizen attention. Outside counsel at Office of the Mexican Attorney-General Delegate Lic. Rodolfo Pedrero Rojas. Integration of findings and review of injunctions. Analysis and advice concerning inter institutional relations, organizing events and forums Institution. Secretariat in a Local Court in Zapopan, Jalisco. First contact of those arrested for crimes or administrative offenses, where based on the analysis of first contact drove to the subject of the relevant entity.  

Personal Statement: I chose PROLAW because I think it will help me in my professional growth, plus the experience to interact and learn about cultures different from mine, with whom I can exchange views and get new ideas that I can apply in my country.



Home: Georgia

Education: BA in Law, MA in International Law,  Tbilisi State University, Georgia; Alumni of international Moot Court Competitions: Telders Moot Court Competition (Hague, the Netherlands), Media Law Moot Court Competition (Oxford, UK), Central and Eastern European Law Moot Court Competition (Valleta,  Malta), etc.

Experience: Legal Advisor at Public International Law Department of Ministry of Justice of Georgia, covering different issues like combating human trafficking, and violence against women and domestic violence, and working on national and international country reports, national strategies and action plans on the topics that fall within my field of competence.

Personal Statement: I chose PROLAW because this LLM program is practice oriented. It gives me a unique opportunity to develop my knowledge and experience in the field of rule of law, introduce the best practices, get more familiar with the legal reforms of other states, learn how to better implement the rule of law in practice, and make it more operative.


Home: Sudan

Education: LLB  Faculty of Law, University of Khartoum, Sudan2002.

Experience: Lawyer at private law firm 2004-2010, Rule of Law Officer at Governance& Rule of Law Unit United Nations Development Program UNDP, Sudan2010-2012. Corrections Officer at Rule of Law Section, United Nations African Union Hybrid Operation in Darfur UNAMID since 2012.

Personal Statement: I decided to do the PROLAW program at Loyola University Chicago School of Law because I'm very interested in deepening my knowledge in Rule of Law and Development; I looked at the syllabus and the outcome of PROLAW and found them to be very unique. They will definitely develop my capacity to contribute positively to the efforts aiming at strengthening Rule of Law through the justice sector, law reform, promotion of human rights and empowering local communities to put an end to and/ or deter  impunity, corruption  and human rights violations in my country and across the world.  


Home: U.S.A

Education: Bachelor of Science in Education- cum laude, Kent State University; Bachelor of Arts – French, Cleveland State University; Master of Arts – English, Cleveland State University; Juris Doctor - Thomas Jefferson School of Law; Master of Laws LL.M - International and Comparative Law, Tulane University.

Experience: English Professor, Paris, France 2 years; French and English Professor, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1 year. Legal Intern - Artus Wise - Paris, France; International Business Transactions UNESCO, summer 2012; Art Recovery Intern for Looted Antiquities Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Juvenile Research Assistant, Tulane Juvenile Law Clinic 2012-13 New Orleans, LA.

Personal Statement: I decided to pursue PROLAW because my training to date has prepared me for an international career; however, I feel the added exposure and unique opportunity to study in Rome will enhance my international legal knowledge and open up more chances to make my international dreams a reality by the end of the program. Furthermore, I respect the reputation and mission of Loyola of Chicago and look forward to learning from Professor Loris and the others instructors over the academic year while building a global network of Rule of Law advisors.