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Home: Egypt

Education: Bachelor of Laws, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.

Experience: Judge at the Egyptian Council of State; Associate at Hafez Law Firm and Abdelsalam Law Office.

Personal Statement: I have chosen the PROLAW program because it will allow me to gain further understanding of rule of law from different perspectives and gain high academic understanding of practical and theoretical aspects of rule of law and development. I want to be a part of a vibrant intellectual community that is home to a diverse range of ideas and approaches becoming an exceptional global citizen to conduct leading-edge research and implementation of rule of law that serves all the globe.


Home: Cameroon

Education: Bachelor of Law at the University of Yaounde II. ; Master in Strategic and Operational Management at the Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering of Burkina Faso (in progress). Certificates: International Business Negotiations skills (AIBO); Bilateral and Multilateral Negotiations (EIPA);

Experience: Protocol Assistant at the African Union Commission; Chief of Security and Safety Issues at the Inter African Phytosanitary Counsel.

Personal Statement: As far as the global economy, diplomacy and international relations are concerned, my duties as Protocol Assistant within the commission of the African Union urge me to be familiar with contemporary society. Therefore, taking into consideration the objective of the African Union “Agenda 2063 “ which is an approach to how the African continent should effectively learn from the lessons of the past, build on the progress so as to ensure positive socioeconomic transformation within the next 50 years, I strongly believe that Rule of Law is a fundamental key for that achievement.


Home: Philippines

Education: Juris Doctor & BSc. Clothing Technology, University of the Philippines

Experience: Bertha Foundation Fellow and Lawyer ‐ Center for International Law (Centerlaw) Philippines; Associate ‐ Roque & Butuyan Law Offices; Program Officer ‐ Transformative Justice Institute; Legislative Staff Officer ‐ Senate of the Philippines 

Personal Statement: My work experience over the last five years has opened my eyes to the realities of the breakdown of the Rule of Law in my home country. I chose PROLAW because an emphasis on the rule of law, with a particular focus on development, is badly needed in the Philippines. I want to be a part of transforming my country, and in so doing, create a more just and accountable government. In choosing PROLAW, I hope to be more effective in engaging stakeholders from multiple sectors of society and the government. Finally, given the multi‐cultural makeup of the cohort, I expect to learn not only cross‐cultural engagement but also effective strategies and mechanisms used in other countries, which I hope to bring with me when I go home.


Home: Ethiopia

Education: Bachelor of Laws ‐ School of Law Dilla University; Training Certificate on United Nations Regional Course on International Law.

Experience: Legal Intern ‐ African Union Commission, Office of the Legal Counsel; Volunteer assistant and Mission support for investigative mission to different part of South Sudan (African Union Commission of Inquiry in South Sudan); Volunteer Legal Aid Assistant ‐ Dilla University Legal Aid Center.

Personal Statement: I applied for PROLAW because I have always been interested in rule of law and governance both as a discipline and profession; I am convinced that the PROLAW program will enhance my knowledge and experience regarding of rule of law, governance and development. This study opportunity is quite exciting as it relates to my professional desire to be a Human Rights expert and advocate, hence, at the center of promoting and protecting human rights. This master program in rule of law will be invaluable. Of equal importance, being born and raised in Africa, my motherland is reputed for its lack of: rule of law, good governance regime and development. As a young African professional, another strong motivation to complete the PROLAW LL.M. is to become an expert in rule of law and help tackle these challenges. Lastly, I’m sure that studying in PROLAW will give me the opportunity to be taught by accomplished and distinguished scholars in the area of rule of law which will also be an immense pleasure and extra motivation.


Home: Mexico

Education: Bachelor of Laws with honors, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City. Post Graduate Diploma Program in Accounting and Finance, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, Mexico City.

Experience: Associate at Santamarina & Steta, S.C. (Law firm), practice focused in corporate law, mainly in areas of securities and capital markets, financial restructurings, mergers and acquisitions.

Personal Statement: I chose PROLAW because in my opinion, rule of law is the backbone of a country’s legislation, and in turn, of the country’s management. Furthermore, it is an incredible opportunity to get to know people from different countries and cultures, exchange different points of view, ideas, and know-how of their legislation which could work for and be applied in Mexico. I find that the need to develop an efficient regulatory framework which represents and defends the interest of both parties, regulators and users of the system, is of the utmost importance. This program can help me expand my knowledge and understanding of the topics at hand.


Home: USA

Education: Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Juris Doctor from Loyola University Chicago School of Law with a certificate in International Law and Practice.

Experience: Intern at the U.S. Department of Justice: INTERPOL - Washington D.C.; Intern at Phoenix Police Department; Intern at DePaul University College of Law: International Weapons Control Center Program; Extern at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security: Immigration and Customs Enforcement; Law Clerk at Durkin & Roberts; Law Clerk at Ross D. Secler & Associates; Extern at Cook County Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management; Participation in the Clara Barton International Humanitarian Competition; Cook County Government Fellow.

Personal Statement: I believe PROLAW would be the perfect opportunity to enhance my knowledge and professional growth of international law and its practice by experiencing the practice-orientated curriculum Loyola has implemented. I am drawn to PROLAW not only to interact and learn about different cultures, but because of the challenges of understanding the complexity of reforming and strengthening governance and the rule of law in transitioning and developing countries. This understanding is a very important one because it can touch on national security issues in which a strong governance of law not only protects the country and its citizens, but also the rest of the international community.


Home: Mauritania

Education: Bachelor of Laws – University of Algiers, Ben Aknoon

Experience: Legal Officer ‐ Office of Legal Counsel, African Union Commission; Legal Counsellor ‐ Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ethiopia; Legal Counsellor ‐ Parliament; Attorney/different courts – Civil & Military

Personal Statement: The LLM PROLAW is a unique program that combines both theoretical and practical approaches to the Rule of Law and development, which presents a special opportunity to gain necessary skills on advising at various levels and within different contexts (Countries, Organizations). The program provides an opportunity to meet, learn and share experience(s) with different students coming from different legal systems.

I am confident that the PROLAW will strengthen my capacity to advice, support and promote rule of law and governance reforms in Africa through the African Union in light of the “African Union Agenda 2063”.


Home: Tanzania

Education: Bachelor of Laws - University of Dar es salaam; Certificate in Law – University of Dar es salaam

Experience: Security Officer- African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights; Advocate of the High Court – High Court of Tanzania; Security Officer – UNITCR Arusha; Legal Officer – Royal Attorneys Advocates & Legal Consultants, Materu & Company Advocates, Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court;

Personal statement: “I was always oriented towards public interest which pushed me to pursue a career in law. I applied for the PROLAW LL.M. because I am ardent in acquiring skills and knowledge in rule of law to enable me to become an effective advisor in that field. After completion of the program, I am sure to gain unique knowledge and skills to enable me to participate effectively in promoting accountability and strengthening rule of law in Tanzania.


Home: Perú

Education: Bachelor of Laws - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Experience: Co-founder ILDIGCOM llustración Digital y Comercio; Associate & IP Agent – Estudio Sotelo & Abogados; Assistant & Researcher – Servicio Civil del Graduando SECIGRA; Non Official Translator - Estudio Francisco Espinosa Bellido Abogados

Personal Statement: PROLAW is training lawyers to bring the rule of law to the most diverse places across the world. I want to share in that purpose in order to contribute to global justice. I believe in Law as a healing process of our civilization and the importance of teaching law with a multidisciplinary approach as a tool for development. I want to further research the use of Intellectual property as a key resource to improve the Rule of Law in developing countries and to promote inclusive innovation.


Home: USA

Education: Bachelor of Arts History ‐ Union College, Lincoln, Nebraska. Juris Doctor ‐ Loyola University

Experience: Judicial Extern for the Honorable Justice Anne Burke: Illinois Supreme Court; Life After Innocence Clinic: Loyola University Chicago; Law clerk for Schain Banks and Siprut PC. 

Personal Statement: My interest in the PROLAW program comes from the desire to influence and change how Western countries advise developing nations on the Rule of Law. Western countries promote Western ideals of Rule of Law, ideals that cannot be realized in a short period of time as most of the advising countries have had a considerable amount of time to evolve and experiment in order to reach those ideals. Additionally, those ideals have often placed government responsibility into the hands of corporations and businesses. This example should not be followed by developing countries and I believe PROLAW will provide me the necessary tools to advise and combat, in an effective, practical manner, the practice of advising developing nations to follow in the footsteps of Western systems that don't even work for the advising nations.


Home: Pakistan

Education: Master in Human rights and Democratization (MHRD) - The University of Sydney Australia. Master in Political Studies from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad Pakistan. Bachelor of Laws from University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan. Bachelors of Arts: Law and Political Science from Peshawar University Pakistan.

Experience: Lawyer - Member of High court Islamabad Pakistan. Legal Aid Advisor – SHARP/UNHCR Islamabad Pakistan. Intern - National Judicial Academy Kathmandu. English Language Consultant - Malterser International. Program Officer, First Aid Training project - Johanniter International Assistance. Project Manager, Humanitarian Emergency Response/ Disaster unit - Interfaith League Against Poverty.

Personal Statement: I believe Rule of law is the foundation of basic human rights, it can ensure sustainability, long term peace and stability in a country. There is absence of rule of law in Pakistan and it is facing its greatest challenges in the face of growing injustice in the country. The injustices of my country have bothered me since childhood and that’s why I always intended to become make a difference by helping people around me find the right way. My main reason for joining PROLAW is to find new ways, techniques, tools & practical skills to introduce rule of law in Pakistan like that in developed countries. I am interested in bringing change to old, rigid and traditional laws of Pakistan and amend the existing laws to provide speedy justice for any grievances. I am sure upon the completion of LL.M. PROLAW program, I will achieve my targets goals and grow into a more confident, independent individual able to provide justice to the common man in the best and most convenient way.


Home: South Africa

Education: Bachelor of Laws (Cum Laude), Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Experience: Private Practice Attorney with specific focus in Employment Law at Norton Rose Fulbright South Africa, Cape Town. General Legal Counsel at Avon Inc., Johannesburg [Avon Justine (Pty) Ltd].

Personal Statement: I am incredibly excited at the possibility to be associated with the PROLAW community as this affords me an opportunity to challenge and contribute in fixing the status quo within in my home country. I intend to use this platform to constantly stretch myself to welcome diverse viewpoints and ideas from the wider network of associates on critical issues that affect development and transformation in post‐conflict countries.


Home: Uganda

Education: Bachelor of Laws - Makerere University, Kampala-Uganda, Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice - Law Development Centre, Kampala-Uganda.

Experience: Legal Officer - African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights Arusha;Human Rights Officer - United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS); Interagency Coordinator & Human Rights Advisor, Human Rights Law and Advocacy Advisor and Technical Advisor - United Nations Joint Program on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS); Consultant & Human Rights Officer - UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR); Legal Officer - International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC); Legal Officer/Research Assistant - Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC); Legal Officer - Horizon International Ltd; Legal Assistant - Central Law Offices.

Personal Statement: I am passionate about change, the advancement of social justice across the globe and making positive contributions, in particular to Africa, that will make it a much better continent to live on. I would like to be at the forefront of effecting this change by offering technical assistance in rule of law, good governance and human rights implementation on the continent. The PROLAW program is a unique program designed to develop leaders to do just that. It will enhance my skills and ability to offer successful rule of law assistance and advise, to train as a high level technical expert and to effectively advocate for and implement change to foster a culture of accountability. Additionally, the program is tailor made to combine theoretical aspects with practical realities on the ground to create and provide workable solutions and experiences that are invaluable in the field of technical assistance. That is why I chose this program. I am certain to benefit from it.


Home: Liberia

Education: BSc. Accounting - African Methodist Episcopal Zion University College; Bachelor of Laws - University of Liberia; Master of Public Administration: Public Sector Management - Cuttington University Graduate School of Professional Studies.

Experience: Head of Programs - NAYMOTE, Partners for Democratic Development; Attorney - Heritage Partners & Associates; Independent Consultant – UNDP, UNCST, NIMAC & UNFPA.

Personal Statement: I was moved to apply to the PROLAW Program because I found it to be imbued with a practical curriculum that encompasses a wide array of experiences from across the world regarding varying approaches to rule of law development and interesting linkages between the rule of law, peace, security, national and economic development. The program is a motivation for me as a Liberian, whose country is struggling to restore the rule of law and to rebuild public confidence in criminal justice and the judiciary system. It is my desire to acquire new skills and deepen my understanding on how to support, and rebuild/ reform legal systems in a post conflict environment to engender judicial equity, collective economic growth, sustainable development and efficient corporate and local governance.


Home: Indonesia

Education: Bachelor of Laws and M.Sc. in Social Development Management - University of Indonesia.

Experience: Head Legislative Drafter, International Agreement Analyst – Directorate General of Legislation, Ministry of Law and Human Rights Indonesia; Legal Officer - Women's Solidarity for Humanity and Human Rights (SPEK-HAM), Legal Assistant – Jakarta Legal Aid

Personal Statement: I am interested in the PROLAW program because Rule of Law for Development is a current issue in Indonesia and PROLAW offers a comprehensive curriculum outlining legal approach can be taken towards development. It will allow me to learn how to analyze problems not only base on theories but also how it would be applied.


Home: Chad

Education: Master degree in International Relations – Université Aix-Marseille III; Bachelor of Laws - Université Aix-Marseille III;

Experience: Senior Legal Officer, acting Head of the Legal Unit ‐ NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency of the African Union; Head of Legal – Admin & Labour Relations, AIR‐PARIS S.A.; Corporate Legal Officer ‐ SPIE Trindel SA;

Personal Statement: The PROLAW Program is recognized as “a trailblazer tackling the intersection of development and Law” which provides a practical approach on real-world challenges faced by legal advisors. At the end of the PROLAW Program, I will become an expert in Rule of Law for development and as such, have the capacity to provide adequate advice taking into consideration the specific context in which such rule should be implemented.


Home: Zimbabwe

Education: Bachelor of Laws - University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Experience: Candidate Attorney - Magagula Attorneys, Mbabane, Swaziland 

Personal Statement: Africa is rich in natural resources, this however, has not translated to economic growth for Africans. A lack of harmonization between local legal systems and what International law prescribes has greatly hindered economic development in Africa. It is therefore my career aspiration to assist our African policy makers to formulate economic policies that are compliant with the rule of law. This will certainly assist in the development of African economies in general and in particular my country, Zimbabwe's economy.


Home: Mexico

Education: Master of Laws – National Autonomous University of Mexico, Bachelor of Laws – Monterrey Institute of Technological and Higher Studies; Certificate in Oral Trials and Accusatorial Criminal Justice System – National Institute of Criminal Sciences

Experience: Director of Capacity Development ‐ SETEC, Ministry of Interior; Deputy Director of Institutional Cooperation ‐ Technical Secretariat of the Coordinating Council for the Implementation of the Criminal Justice System, Secretariat of the Interior (SEGOB), Government of the Republic; Private Secretary ‐ Executive Commission for the Actualization and Modernization of the Enforcement and Administration of Justice in the State, General Secretariat of Government, State of Puebla.

Personal Statement: Mexico is facing one the most important legal changes in modern history: the transition from an inquisitorial to an accusatorial criminal justice system. This process consists of a substantive cultural change in the way we conceive justice that requires the development and successful execution of cross-cutting policies, as well as the modernization of institutions that are in charge of justice. I am sure that the PROLAW degree will be an essential tool in my academic and professional training, which will help me to improve my skills and understanding to strengthen the rule of law in Mexico.


Home: Indonesia

Education: Bachelor in Legal Science, University of Sebelas Maret. Master in Economic Law, University of Indonesia. Certified in Legislative Drafting, The Ministry of law And Human Rights Republic of Indonesia.

Experience: Head of Human Resources, Head of Domestic & Foreign Cooperation, Legislative Drafter and Legislation Analyst – Ministry of Law and Human Rights Indonesia.

Personal Statement: The Rule of Law for Development LL.M. is very unique and prestigious program, it will assist me to increase my knowledge and experience in the Field of Rule of Law thereby improving my ability in Legislative Drafting for my current position in the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights. I also look forward to discussing Rule of law topics with various experts from different countries.


Home: Namibia

Education: Bachelor of Laws ‐ University of Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia; Certificate in Introduction to Intellectual Property Law, United Nations Institute for Training, Research and Technology.

Experience: Environmental Legal officer, Biodiversity Management and Climate Change Project Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Namibia. Acting Project Coordinator Ministry of Environment & Tourism, Namibia and a Member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Personal Statement: The reason why I choose the sui generis PROLAW program is because, I have set myself consciously on a path to contribute to the socio‐economic development of my country Namibia and to tackle challenging issues relating to implementation of rule of law for development and sustainable development repeatedly faced by the African community. When I heard about PROLAW I had no doubt that my participation will further my knowledge broadly on how to practically and effectively apply the rule of law principles both nationally and internationally. I further look forward to meeting and learning from people from all‐over the world.


Home: Nigeria

Education: Bachelor of Laws - Olabisi Onabanjo University (Formerly Ogun State University).

Experience: Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. Experience in Company Law, Energy Law, Finance Law, Secured Credit Transactions, Capital Market Transactions, and Criminal Law in Nigeria.

Personal Statement: It is a pleasure to attend LLM PROLAW in Rule of Law for Development at Loyola University Chicago because this will afford me an opportunity to equip myself with necessary skills and expertise to join the crusade for worldwide development. This crusade calls for everybody’s participation and I am driven by the quest to ensure positive developmental change in my country (Nigeria) and the larger global community.


Home: Nepal

Education: Bachelor of Laws in Criminal Law - Kathmandu School of Law, Purbanchal University; Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Sociology - Tribhuwan University; Diploma: Human Rights, International Summer School - University of Oslo; Diploma: European System of Human Rights Protection -Viadriana University.

Experience: District Coordinator – Forum for Women, Law and Development (FWLD); Researcher – Hon. Justice Sushila Karki, Supreme Court of Nepal; Internship - Ministry of Law ,Justice, Constituent Assembly and Parliamentary Affairs International Law and Human Rights Unit; Researcher – Morang Bar Association;

Personal Statement: I decided to pursue my LL.M. degree with PROLAW because it is an unparalleled program which will lead me to what I want to achieve in my academic and professional life. It will also allow me to have world class degree and be part of a global university network with fellows across the globe.


Home: Ethiopia

Education: Bachelor of Laws - Jimma University; Master of Laws in Human Rights Law - Addis Ababa University

Experience: Lecturer in Law – Jimma University & Mizan-Tepi University; Head of Law Department - Mizan-Tepi University.

Personal Statement: I am greatly privileged to get an opportunity to pursue the LL.M program in Rule of Law for Development. The existing reality vividly evinces that implementation of Rule of Law greatly contributes for multi-dimensional development. As a State with emerging economy, Ethiopia needs competent scholars specializing in Rule of Law for Development. My stay at Loyola University (Rome) will provide me with a unique opportunity to gain adequate knowledge in the area of Rule of Law and Development. It will also enable me to gain the necessary research skills. Upon return to my home country, I will conduct researches that contribute for the implementation of Rule of Law in Ethiopia.