Loyola University Chicago

Rule of Law for Development Institute

School of Law

Ending Impunity for International Crimes: International Criminal Justice and Rule of Law.

The lecture will discuss the importance of ending impunity for international crimes as part of the effort to restore the rule of law in war-torn countries.

The presenters will first provide an introduction to international criminal law—one of the most rapidly developing areas of law—as well as an overview of the various courts and tribunals in place and their role in supporting national prosecutions. In the second part of the lecture, the presenters will explain in more detail some of the basic principles on international crimes and modes of liability and how they are applied in practice. Third, they will discuss some key issues with regard to state cooperation and the protection of victims and witnesses in international trials. The lecture will conclude with a practical assignment. By the end of the lecture, participants are expected to have gained an understanding of the nature of crimes at the international level as well as mechanisms for their prevention and repression.