Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology

Psychology Major Checklist

The requirements for the psychology major appear below in checklist form. Psychology majors are exempt from the "Societal and Cultural Knowledge" and "Quantitative Literacy" areas of the core.

The list below can be used to track progress through the major.

12 Required Psychology Courses

____1. General Psychology (101)
____2. Statistics (304)
____3. Research Methods (306)
____11. Laboratory Course
____12. Capstone Course

(Remember that 2 of the 12 courses above must be from Group A and 2 must be from Group B.)

Capstone Courses
A 2nd Lab (Group A or B)
370—Honors Thesis
390—Internship in Psychology
397—Independent Research


A Group Lectures
202-- Introduction to Neuroscience
240—Psyc/Bio Perception
250—Cognitive Psychology
251—Learning & Behavior
279—Judgment and Decision-Making
301—Comparative Psych
305—Brain & Behavior
307—Psych of Language
352-- Neuropsychology
382—Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience

A Group Labs
314—Exp Psyc: Cognitive
316—Exp Psyc: Sens/Percept
NEUR 301 and 302 (For neuroscience minors)

B Group Lectures

B Group Labs
310—Program Evaluation
315—Tests & Measurements
318—Developmental Lab
321—Social Lab
325—Exp Personality
Ancillary Mathematics Courses (6 hours):

____1. Mathematics
____2. Mathematics

Two mathematics courses are required and must be chosen from MATH 108, 117, 118, 131, 132, 161, 162; COMP 125, 150, 170, 211; STAT 103, PSYC 381 (Statistics with Computers).

If PSYC 381 is chosen to count as an ancillary math course, it will not count as one of the 12 required psychology courses.

All Psychology majors are exempt from the "Quantitative Literacy" requirement of the Core Curriculum.