Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology

Jeremy Winget


Name: Jeremy Winget
Title: Instructor of Psychology
Office: 340 Coffey Hall
Phone: 773-508-3018

Background Information:
Doctorate: Ph.D. Loyola University Chicago
Masters: M.A. Loyola University Chicago 
Bachelors: B.S. Grand Valley State University
Research Interests:
Trained as a social psychologist, my research interests include information processing, social influence, and open-mindedness in both individual and group decision-making contexts. For example, one line of my research examines how group dynamics influence open-minded cognition and how this may contribute to polarization. In another line of research, I am investigating how shared representations of a task can influence ethical group decision-making, performance, and intragroup processes. To study the above topics, I use such methods as computational modeling, structural equation modeling, machine leaning, and online- and laboratory-based experiments. I am also passionate about data science and its role in developing insights into complex and challenging problems. I hope to one day build tools to make data analysis easier, open, and fun.
Classes Taught:
PSYC 100 - Psychological Perspectives on the Experiences of Globalization
PSYC 280 - Judgement and Decision Making
PSYC 304 - Statistics
PSYC 306 - Research Methods
PSYC 360 - Understanding Prejudice